Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas DECOR and MORE!

So it is the day after Thanksgiving. Yep. After I went out and about to look around at some "not so great" Black Friday deals, I came back to transform my apartment from Fall to Christmas! 
Thought I would share some of my small decorating skills...
First I took my Fall themed quilt off and replaced it with my (new) snowflake one. I always have a quilt or shame or some sort at the end of my bed. I change them out with the seasons and holidays.
Changed my bathroom tissues :)
Decorative box...
 I had just finished my "Be Thankful" Yankee Candle last night. It was a fitting way to end Thanksgiving :)
Now on to Peppermint Bark!
I washed/changed my Fall Kitchen and Bathroom hand towels and replaced them with there two :) The brown goes in my bathroom and the white belongs in the kitchen.
I changed out my coffee table center piece :) You will also notice some red bulb ornaments around as well. These are placed around the apartment at random.
I have several other small decorations but I just wanted to give you a taste of the holiday season in my apartment :)

Lastly, what would be complete without the Christmas tree...
 Have you all started decorating for Christmas (or the holidays)?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall is Here!

Sooo in my mind October means that Fall is officially here! In all reality being in Florida just means that it is "supposed to be fall" doesn't actually feel like fall.
IT IS STILL LIKE 88 degrees out!!!

Needless to say just because the temperature outside is still annoyingly HOT, doesn't mean that I have not made my little apartment as "Fall like" as possible.

This pumpkin has been in my collection for TWO whole years now! Adds some Fall festivity to my living room :)
One of my most recent purchases and if you follow me on Instagram I think I posted a picture of this already... I got this cute bronze colored leaf dish at Kirklands and just love to fill it with tasty Halloween treats!
This mini-pumpkin was a gift from my mom when she was down in Florida to visit!! Thanks Mom!
I switched out my flowers on my kitchen table for this fall! I usually keep a sunflower in this vase on my table but I added some fall colored flowers and more mini pumpkins :)
Have my Pumpkin Ice Cube Tray out and ready to use!!!
And wouldn't be fall without some fall scented candles in and around my apartment! I just went through a Harvest Berry candle and now I'm on to my Mulled Cider candle. These are affordable candles from Walmart that I want to use up before I use BBW candles! What is your favorite candle scent for the fall?

I hope everyone is getting excited for the Fall season!!! I would love to see what you are decorating with this fall!

God Bless ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Mud Mask!

Sooo I picked up a new mud masque and I wanted to share it with you...

I got the Queen Helene Mud Masque!
Soooo far I love it!
I have done it twice now and I think it does wonders on your pores. I like the feel a bit more than my Mint Masque that I have by Queen Helene. If you are looking for a new masque to try I would really recommend trying this one out!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

It has been awhile!

Soooo the past week and a half was been horrible as far as blogging :/
I apologize for not posting much of anything.
I have been crazy busy with work and then trying to keep up on things around the house... PLUS Joey and I have been looking for house for after we are married as well...

Soooo needless to say I have not blogged like a should be :(
In fact I haven't even been working on wedding things like I need to be... alas... I give up!

I have not been doing too much besides work... we had the hurricane Issac come through the Gulf. And even though I am on the east coast of Florida, we had severe rain for about three days. That was Monday and Tuesday of this week.
I have been driving the CR-Z instead of the BMW because Joey worries about me driving the BMW in the rain. Mainly because of the  windshield whipper blades.
This is such a fun car to drive...but even in the rain I feel like I'm going to blow away! I need an SUV :(((

Like I mentioned Joey and I have been super busy so we have not been able to do too much besides work BUUUUTTT on Thursday of this past week we were trying to figure out what to do for dinner and we decided to go to this burrito place on the beach. It is like this little shack that have MONSTER like burritos and BOY WAS IT GOOD!
The chips and salsa was AMAZING! I really like chunky salsa... where you have good sized diced tomatoes and onions. This was great salsa!
This was the burrito! It even came with directions :))) I think it is called the Insane Burrito...
That was the best burrito I have ever had! YUM!

So as I said before... I'm sorry I haven't posted much :( I am going to try to blog more at night and get it posted in the morning...
Other than that I will continue to enjoy the life in Florida :)

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mid-August Already!

Where has the time gone? (seriously) Where has it gone!?!? 
I can not believe how fast the days fly by. 
Has anyone else looked as the calendar and wonder how we got to August 21st already?
I did this today as I was prepping my to-do list and many other things in my Filofax
I just couldn't believe how fast the month has gone.

It got me thinking about how fast this year has gone thus far and how fast time has gone since Joey and I got engaged. The wedding will be here before I know it!
THAT, that statement right there freaks me out! There is still so much to do! :((
I try to tell myself I still have lots of time (NOT!!!) is running out!

Okay I guess that is enough of a rant...but I can't be the only one who feels this way... can I?
The days have been recently blurred together because Joey went into work Saturday and Sunday :( He has been working so hard. I am supposed to pick up some work this week but haven't heard much of anything from them so once again I have that anxious feeling...
I really try to resolve to the fact that it is all in God's hands but alas... I'm only human.

I have been nothing but a busy bee running about these two days so far this week. (did that even make sense?) Needless to say, the past two days have been busy. I have been doing laundry and ironing anticipating that I would be working Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but since I have not heard anything I guess I'm just caught up :) I had a few returns to make yesterday so that meant running around and then today I picked up groceries and a few other things I needed. I just feel like everything has been non-stop.

Well I guess I will end the rant here... thanks for your patience reading through this.
Has time been flying for all of y'all?
God Bless!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Most Worn Summer Things TAG!

 Hello All! So summer is nearing an end...(how sad). I have decided to do the Most Worn Summer Things Tag and I tag anyone who wants to do this on their blog as well. If you do the tag make sure you comment in the comments below you did so I can read :))
To jump right in!
Most Worn Nail Polish
 Orly Nail Lacquer in the color First Kiss. I have been really liking the neutral, light colors this summer.

Most Worn Hair Product
 This should be no surprise :) My Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream. Great for the heat!

Most Worn Bag
 This has been forever in my life :) The Coach bag (I don't even remember the name of this particular bag)

Most Worn Shoes
 I have been wearing these EVERYDAY this summer! My Banana Republic gold-ish flip flops! They are so worn... time for a new pair :)

Most Worn Accessories
 Has been my arm candy! My white watch, Tiffany's silver bracelet, and my other bracelets from Charlotte Russe. O plus my engagement ring :)

Most Worn Item of Clothing
 I guess I'm kinda boring on this one. Jean shorts. Yeeeepppp!

Most Worn Foundation
 I have been wearing the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup most this summer. This is a nice light foundation and have SPF 20. Good for the summer!

Most Worn Blush and Bronzer
 Blush: Smashbox in the color Radiance
Bronzer: NYC in Sunny

Most Worn Lip Product
 Philosophy Lip Gloss! Love this stuff. Not too sticky on your lips and it is a great sheer pink to give you lips some pop on the beach, but not a full fledged lip stick.

Most Worn Mascara
 Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara

Most Worn Eye-Shadow
 NYX eye shadow in the color Sahara.  I use this as my brow highlight everyday... so therefore the most worn ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hair Time! Curlers!

As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, I have been doing some experiments with curlers. 
Good question! For those beach like curls of course :)

I like my tight curls don't get me wrong, however at times it is nice to switch things up so I have started trying curlers. They really save time while getting ready in the morning because you can plug in, curl, and do other things while they set.
I purchased the Conair More Big Curls curlers. I like these because it has about 12 curlers that are all the same size and are larger for those Victoria Secret curls.
Good size for the bathroom counter!
Nice big curler for beach curls.
I also really liked this set for clips. They came with two types. The metal pins (which are not my favorite) but also they came with 6 (not enough for all the curlers) of the plastic clips.
 If you can, get a set of curlers that works for you and that has the plastic clips. It holds the hair much better!

So how do I curl my hair?
To start after I wash my hair (curlers hold better on clean hair, not second day hair) I put a small size of my coconut oil throughout my hair then let air dry for a bit. I finish the drying with a blow dryer.
While I am blow drying my hair I have my curlers plugged in. They take about 10 minutes to fully heat up.
Then I start curling :)
You want to take your hair in section starting with the top of your head and work your way down. I typically only do the top half of my hair with curlers then do some curls with a curling iron on the bottom for extra dimension.
Start with a piece of hair the width of the curler (the heated part).
About this width.
Start at the top of the hair and roll into your head, away from your forehead. This is give you curls outward.

Roll all the way down then clip with a clip. Repeat for about three curlers on the top of your head going back. You can then place the remaining curlers on the sides.
Remember to always curl in toward your head.
After your curlers are sitting on your head, leave in for about 10 minutes. I leave a bit longer because I have thick hair and want the extra time so that my curls hold all day.
While I'm waiting for my curls to set, I take my curling iron and do the lower hair of my hair. 
(well really the lower third of my head)
Use a heat protector.
After the curls are down on the bottom, I spray with my favorite hair spray at the moment.
Take down the curlers on your head and go through them with fingers to loosen and place where you want them to fall.
Spray again :)
Happy Curling :)))

Products I Use:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More Blogust!

I went for a walk with Rebel today! He was tuckered out! Aren't we all :)) I felt good about the walk today and then to ruin it I made some lemon pound cake to top with the strawberries I got at Super Target the other day....
Well at least Rebel had a good walk!
Blurry picture I know :((( BUT LOOK AT THE TONGUE!

So speaking of Target I went there the other day to glance around... I didn't get much but I DID find a bag on clearance! GOT TO LOVE Target's clearance. I had been looking for a cross body bag more for the Fall and Winter seasons and found a good sized mustard colored one. It fits me right on the hip which is where I want it to fall. I had been looking for a cross body for awhile (I have not always been a fan of them) but when I decided to jump on board the bandwagon I couldn't find one that I liked for a good price. (Mainly because I WAS NOT going to spend $50 on a cross body bag that may, or may not, be in style next summer) Sooooo I guess I will show you my bagggggg now after that long introduction...
Perfect length!
Perfect Size!
OOO and perfect price! $8 :))) SCORE for ME!

I always happen into the baby section of Target especially when I'm going through my phase of wanting babies...(yes I have phases)
Kinda in love! They have some really cute things at Target!

Today I did work and chores :( BUT then also went to Ulta to get curlers. (Yes... like old fashioned rollers...don't judge) They were on sale... plus I had a coupon so it was justified, but in all reality I have been playing with some different hairstyles lately and I needed to get some curlers. I will have a blog post coming soon to review the ones I got and to show a quick tutorial on how I use them... (for that one person who cares...)

I made Salsa Chicken for dinner... YUMMMMMY! I will have to post the recipe sometime because it was a big hit with Joey (figures) :)

Well I hope everyone had a happy Wednesday!