Friday, April 27, 2012

Target Haul and a U-Haul...Wait...What?

Friday! Wait that felt good to more time, FRIDAY! Whooot! Yesterday was more than P90x insane (I really have never done it before, but I hear it's crazy). I pretty much packed all day and Joey showed up with a U-Haul trailer after work so after heating up some frozen pizzas for dinner (yea... I know) we started moving things. Joey did AMAZING with that dolly thing that you can rent from U-Haul. We moved the two couches, the bed, washing machine, his large dresser/mirror, and a few other small pieces. I told him several times throughout moving these things that THIS WAS THE LAST TIME we don't hire this done. I think I mentioned that in my blog yesterday but I can't say it enough! Any waaaayyy, Joey's apartment is now a mess of boxes, bags, and leftovers.

Such a mess! Drives me nuts :)

On a lighter note...I finally got my email from Birchbox to sign up for my monthly subscription :) Can't wait to show you all the sample products that I get and review some of them.  I also went to Target to get a few things :) I friend of mine from college (and a Bridesmaid) mentioned that she liked some of the e.l.f cosmetics that are carried at Target. She commented on the eye I thought I'd check them out. I couldn't believe the prices! They are so cheap. I am a bit skeptical of really cheap products (yea I know...I'm a snob) but seriously I have tried some of the cheaper products and I was not thrilled. BUTTT I liked what I saw from e.l.f. soooo I think I'm going to try a few products and see how they compare to some of the makeup I'm using now (UD, Benefit, Smashbox, MAC, etc). I will have to let you know what I think! The biggest thing that really attracts me to the products are that they are cruelty free which is hard to find good makeup that is for a cheaper price.

I few other things I got were the Burt's Bees gud Body Mist! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS. I have been walking around all morning smelling the scent I got. There was a dollar off coupon on so I justified trying the spray. It is a bit on the higher price side, but it's Burt's Bees and organic (so no parabens, phthalates, or petrochemicals) plus not test on animals.
I bought the Pear& Acai Berry scent, but they had a few more (yes I'm going back today to get them all).
So then I found out that Target carries the Yes to Carrots line in which I buy the Facial Towelettes Yes to Blueberries. However, at Target they had the Yes to Cucumbers for $2 cheaper than the Yes to Blueberries and I had already wanted to try the cucumber towelettes so good deal right?!?
P.S. I love these towelettes and will talk about them all the time

Finally, (I did eventually stop shopping...) I saw the cutest clutch on clearance and had to have it! $9! How can you beat that for such cuteness! 
This is so Spring/Summer time! It will pair well with white skinny jeans and a cute blouse :))))

So that was my mini-Target Haul. I guess I shouldn't say mini because I did purchase much more but I like to share a few fun things with you all! Today is going to be another day of packing and moving plus a short trip to Hobby Lobby. I am using my old dresser for my makeup collection so I need to get some organizers and I have a couple ideas for what to use in the drawers. I will take some pictures once it's completed.

Can't believe it's the weekend again! Hoping we can do some fun beach time and visit the art festival.

Enjoy your weekend time!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cheers to Life.

busy. Busy. BUSY! 
Yeah...I think that describes yesterday and today! I didn't get to blog yesterday, but we did so much moving stuff that I'm not sure if I could have :) Have been continuing to pack and run around like crazy. I had 20% off at Michael's Craft Store so I had to use that. I picked up some beading supplies to do a small craft (by small craft I mean it took me hours on end to complete). I wanted to make a tangerine and purple bracelet (random...I know) ;but tangerine is the color of 2012 soooo I thought it would be fun to have some of that color.

Making this was fun :) I opened the windows in Joey's apartment and worked on this while just listening to some music. That was probably the only relaxation that I will get the rest of the week/weekend.
Yesterday we moved some of Joey's bedroom furniture into my apartment for me to use (and for him to use while he crashes with me for awhile) because we have so much to go into storage....UGHHH! I just want to get rid of everything. I will have to post some pictures of the storage because it's crazy...can't wait to see how is looks after we load it all in there. Joey called and rented a trailer for tonight so when he gets home we will be loading that trailer and moving that stuff to storage. I have to get moving this morning and finish packing things up. I told Joey that we are looking at houses and town-homes NEXT WEEKEND! I can't wait to move into some place larger than a one bedroom apartment in January.

I think Joey knows how stressed I am because he showed up from work yesterday with a red rose for me :)

He is too sweet :) Such an amazing guy with patience that I could never know. I will be making a Target run today to get a few frozen dinners for us to eat the next few days because the kitchen needs to get finished up TODAY! I also need to get a few plastic storage containers for my makeup collection :/ Anyone have some good ideas on how to organize it or suggestions of containers?

I just can't wait for this to be over so that I can get back to the job search grind and wedding planning :)


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Missing Puzzle Pieces :)

YAY! Joey took the day off today! It was great to be able to spend time with him after both of us not seeing much of each other in the past few week! We got tons accomplished this morning.
Joey had a work teleconference, and while he was on that I was able to get some more packing done for him and get some emails done myself. I think we can safely check a few things off the Wedding Checklist :)

Talked to my sister about her coming to Florida in May. I'm sad we had to postpone her coming down :( But with the move coming up and Joey staying with me for a bit until everything is ready to go, we have a lot going on. Plus we really want to be able to take my sister and her boyfriend to Orlando and spend some time in the theme parks as well as eating good food! (Food is always a must have on vacation!)

We went by the self-storage place and rented a 10x10 unit to house some of Joey's things that are just too much. We are hoping to post some of these things online to sell, because there is just so much. The GREAT thing about this storage facility is they are NASA fans!
Notice the Space Shuttle :) Joey was pleased!
Very excited we finally have a place to put all the stuff!!

After we toured the self storage place Joey and I went to Red Berry to get some frozen yogurt. Yummmmmmy! I had White Peach with some mochi topping and fruit :)

We felt bad leaving Rebel out so we used up the rest of the Tuesday sun on a walk!

My missing puzzle pieces are back into place :)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 23, 2012


Today is MONDAY! And after having a weekend full of rain and thunderstorms it is finally sunny! Not a cloud in the sky!
Praise God for such nice weather! However I do have to say that my mom called me with some news from the north. They got like 6 inches of SNOW! Crazy for this time in April, especially when they have had days in the upper 70s. My mom posted this photo on my Facebook wall.
 Joey is coming in tonight. I have to go get him from the airport around 6 PM. Sounds like he had a great time is Texas which is always good. Didn't really get to hear from him much though. I'm not so sure what I will be making for dinner since I packed up most of the kitchen supplies. I have a strong feeling I will be doing some unpacking today.
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I feel like mine was generally very productive. I was able to get some more packing done. I have discovered two things while sorting through things and packing; ONE my children will never be deprived of books, and TWO my children will never be deprived of Lego's (especially ones of the space sets).
After packing some on Saturday I went to Ulta (Ooopppsssss I did it Again should be my theme song) and picked up a few things ;) I really wanted to try the Revlon Lip Butter Lipsticks and they were having a Revlon sale at Ulta, buy 2 get one free! I had to grab a few other things as well, but I have to tell you that this was my favorite purchase :)
I got three colors: Cotton Candy, Sweet Tart, and Strawberry Shortcake!

Then I just got a few other things :) Plus two free samples! I was excited because one of the samples was the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray which sets your makeup if you are going to be "out all night" or in my case all day. Anyway, I really wanted to try it but didn't want to purchase the larger bottle right away. Then also included was the Urban Decay Eye-shadow Primer in the color Sin.

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Then Rebel needed a new collar... he is getting so big! So I went to Petco to get one...I found the cutest collar and it is sooo Ole Miss :)
P.S. Check out the amazing white nail polish! NOT...I had to repaint my nails like 7 times!
Too cute! I love the collar!
Plus he got a new chew bone :)

Wow! I feel like I had a lot to say! And I still have more... well, only one small story that I think some women might appreciate...
So Joey has a full bedroom set and that is part of what we have to move (obviously...Katrina) but he has tons of things under the bed. So I thought that I would help by moving everything from under the bed into the office and then proceed to take the mattress and box spring off the bed and on the floor so that I could take the bed apart (do you see where I'm going with this?). I took everything off the bed, nearly crushing Rebel three times who would not get out of the way, and then I found out I have to unscrew the boards that lay across the frame. (NBD I thought...I can do that...) I went to the toolbox and got 4 screwdrivers in which I tried to unscrew the the boards. After trying all 4 (which took me about 45 minutes) nothing would work! Then I looked at the boards again... the screw was not any of the ones that I had... there was supposed to be a special screw/wrench to undo these boards. Needless to say I gave up and up everything back on the bed. Rebel was confused and all I could do is look at him and say "So am I".

I hope everyone enjoys their Monday, unless you are up north in the snow. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

What a Day! A Friday!

Friday! It is almost the weekend :) No Friday can be a bad Friday right? WRONG! (Well I shouldn't say that... but then again I should). Had the worst headache yesterday so I woke up feeling really refreshed and ready to get a few things accomplished. Rebel decided not to help much...every three minutes it seemed he had to go out. Silly puppy! Had to deal with some annoying emails, sometimes I just don't understand people (pray for them). BUT I also was able to email the venue back and let them know that the contract looked good to go ;))) YAY PROGRESS!

Most of the day consisted of packing Joey's apartment for him to move....

Rebel was enjoying the craziness in the apartment :)

And then sometimes not so much...

Joey has so many books... I have NO IDEA what we are going to do with them all when we move in together after we are married. We will have to have a room as a library to include all the books that he has. The following pictures do not do all the books justice!

WOW! So many books to move around!

The storms today really got bad! We had winds up to 60 MPH and hail the size of quarters! Praise God that I was able to get back home from my apartment and doing errands before it really started to get bad. Rebel has no idea what to make of the thunder. He barks every time he hears it. He had to go outside (potty is what we call it) just as it started to pour down rain so he ended up soaking wet. I had the umbrella up and he didn't like that so he ran away from me. Needless to say, we spent 15 minutes in the pouring rain and HE DIDN'T EVEN GO!
The pouring rain that I tired to capture on camera...but I'm not a photographer :(

Rebel all wet from the rain!

At the end of the day I'm just wrapping up some of Joey's photos and blogging to the sound of rain with my Yankee candle burning away :) OOOHHH and baking a cake!

I would say that Rebel is content as well :)) 

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

All by Myself...

Joey left today :( He  is headed off to Texas for his best friend's wedding so Rebel and I are here to fend for ourselves... (No... I'm just kidding) But we will surely miss him.

Anyway... I was dreading taking him to the Orlando airport this morning, not only because he was leaving for a few days, but also because... well... I get stressed driving, soooo the Orlando airport is just no fun for me. I usually get all scared that someone is going to cut me off right before my exit or that I would cut someone off before THEIR exit. I don't know. I don't like it. Plus, everyone is crazy, like the speed limit is 35 MPH and everyone flies right around there at like 85 MPH.

I went to Ulta yesterday because there were a few products that I really wanted to try :) A few are not really worth mentioning, however there are two that I tried yesterday that I am so excited about. So the first one was the LIPPY lip gloss by Butter London...
...OMG I love this lip gloss and I got this color above it is called Yummy Mummy. It is the perfect nude lip gloss and it is very long lasting. I do have one issue with it though, like I do with most lip gloss, is that it is very sticky. I honestly think there is only one lip gloss that is not sticky and legit mosturizes your lips and that is the lip gloss pretty amazing by bare minerals/essentials. BEST STUFF EVER! Anyway I got this lip gloss and I love it :) I will link their website below.

The other product I really wanted to try was these makeup remover face wipes called Yes to Blueberries.
I picked up the small travel bag at the front of the store because they were a new purchase for me and I wanted to just try them out... BUT I will be going back for more. These are great! NOW... I must say that I do not use these to fully take off my makeup. I still use my Ponds Cold Cream to take up the heaviness of my make up... but instead of just washing my face right after I now use a sheet of these to get all the left over makeup and dirt (Yuck... Dirt) off my face so that my pores a clear for really washing my face. Plus.. I love the smell ( ahaha) they smell like blueberries and lemon :)

So those were the two new purchases at Ulta that I am crazy about already! Take to y'all tomorrow :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back in Florida!

Success! I arrived back to Florida last night around 10:30 PM...back to warmer weather! But I do have to say  they did start to have some nice warm weather up in NY as well! The trip was over all GREAT  and I was able to (well... my mom helped us out) put a deposit down on the venue! So April 27, 2013 it is! VERY EXCITED! I can't say that I have been excited the whole time though...was stressed for a bit and I am sure that I will continue to be stressed as this wedding planning comes along. I tend to go through periods of time where everything that I do is deep in thought and I zone out a bit (I'm not weird or anything... just a heads up). I try talking about it with my family and I'm not sure what is going on with me...maybe it is just the fact that there are many changes going on in my life, or maybe it is that I am living a life that I never myself pictured....whatever it is, I hope that I am relieved of this funk soon. 

(Enough with the heavy Katrina...)

Sooooo on a lighter note, when I was home I received a picture from Joey out on the runway at the Kennedy Space Center. The Discovery shuttle was loaded up on top of a plane to take off to Washington DC. I am like OBSESSED with Instagram so I had to do something fun with the picture!

There were other pictures posted on the Viera, FL Facebook Page as well as from Washington DC, but this picture was great from the runway! (Thank you Joey!)

So today is a catch up day until Joey gets out of work. He leaves tomorrow for Texas for his best friend's wedding. I wanted to go, but with the plane costs having gone up and the cost of boarding Rebel would be a bit too much for us to swing :/  But doing the whole laundry and making dinner thing today... then Joey comes home from work around 1 pm so I am hoping to run some errands with him and make a trip to Ulta :) There are a few products that I would like to try!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Time in New York!!!

Loving the flowers during my visit to New York! So much to talk about when I get home to Florida! Will blog then :)))

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Going Home!

Tomorrow early morning I get to head back up north to the ROC (Rochester) for a few days! Joey and I need to book a venue but he has to work so I will be traveling alone this time :( My mom is going to go with me to the consultation appointments we have set up with the venues to take a look. I am excited to finally get a venue booked so that other wedding things can finally fall into place...

I'm not sure what Joey is going to eat when I'm gone, but I have been sure to tell him we have tons of Easter leftovers so he should be all ham-ed out by the time I get back :) I have pork loin in the freezer that I want to make again, but I am trying to find that one of a kind recipe.

Joey and I have our engagement pictures to take this evening with Jana Martin Photography...I have serious issues when it comes to finding an outfit to wear! I have been shopping for a new outfit TWICE now and I think a third time is in order today! We have a store called World Market (I'm sure there are other stores in other states, but I have not found one) and I have been itching to get a few awesome couch pillows to put some  color into the living room at Joey's apartment. 

Praying for safe travels tomorrow!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Post Easter

Had a great Easter with Joey! Sad we couldn't go home but the cost of flights right now is CRAZY!
Our puppy Rebel got his fair share of ham and now consistently wants people food. This is him begging away!

Found myself really starting to questions a few things this weekend, which made for an interesting Easter. Trying to find an organization to volunteer with while the job hunt continues...
Wondering what my purpose at times...I love being home for Joey (and shopping of course!) But I feel torn at times still about staying home when I was so career driven in the past. I worked so hard during college and to graduate early....but I think the biggest thing for me is wondering what others think. I try hard not to but I just do. Will everyone think I'm a failure? I need to continue trusting in the Lord to reveal my purpose.

Friday, April 6, 2012

My Favorites: Spring Time Hair...yay!

Well hello again...soooo I really enjoy reading many blogs that incorporate some housewives' favorites when it comes to products to use (either in the Spring time or other seasons...) but I just think it is a great way to try new products and sometimes they work; sometimes they don't.

In the Spring time I really just love the feeling of light, no chemically infused hair to pair with my favorite little sun dress (usually from Francesca's)! So to tame my out of control curly hair I use these five, four, NO three products that I have grown to love...and they are easy to pick up and purchase. 

The FIRST product that I comb through my hair with my fingers is by One 'n Only and it is an Argan Oil Curl Cream...
This is a simple curl cream that can be used on curly hair as a leave-in conditioner that really defines and enhances curly hair.
This product was purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply Store for around $10.

My SECOND favorite hair product for the Spring is something that I have recently added to my collection! After only a day of using it I noticed a difference in the way my hair behaved sooo I am all about this product. If you go to the Kinky Curly website you notice that many of the models they use have very (and I mean V-E-R-Y) kinky curly hair (duhhhh hence the name). BUT! I do not have the type of hair mine is a more natural curl/wave and it not a kinky head of hair. Needless to say, this product still works.
This product is not a spray but more of a gel type pump. I use  about two squirts in my palm then work throughout my hair. This product (I hear) can work with almost any type of hair and leaves your hair feeling controlled yet light! 
This product was purchased at Target for around $11.99.

AND favorite Spring shine spray! Yay! This product I just happened to stumble across in Sally's Beauty Supply Store will doing a haul and I am obsessed with the smell of this product! I typically don't buy products solely on the smell, but this one I caved on! Turns out that this shine gloss spray really is great! You can use it on wet or dry hair (I see more of an effect when applied to dry hair) and it helps with that mid-day frizz (I don't know about you but my hair tends to turn into a hot air balloon taking off to China mid-day); while also giving your hair a wonderful, halo glowing shine. (AND IT SMELLS GOOD...did you catch that point yet?) The product is called Proclaim (never heard of the brand before when I bought it) Spray On Gloss.
This product IS more of a misty spray and I spray a good 5 shots in, on, and around my head (teeeehhheee). I also re-apply throughout the day as needed to help with my hot air balloon curls heading to China.
This product was purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply Store for around $8.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lazy Day Thursday

Wednesday Thursday! Where have the days gone? Today is a much lazy day. I feel like when it is Thursday I have managed to get both apartments clean, laundry done, the puppy is tired (and snoring I might add), my top meals planned out for the week are made, and over all it is a lazy day. I'm getting excited for the weekend and I really want to record a makeup haul soon to post sometime but nonetheless....

I was telling Joey that I really want to start couponing (I know housewife cliche'...don't judge) and he looked at me like I was a foreign person. I know nothing really about it, except what I see on that Extreme Couponing show and to be honest it scares me to watch it! But I do want to start because I think it will help save some money in the budget (and let's be honest...more money saved=more money to shop). 

Does anyone out there coupon? And if so, share the tips/tricks ladies? :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Curly Hair Challenge: Day 1

Sooooo I saw some GREAT YouTube videos on curly hair and I had an idea to attempt a challenge!

Oooppppsss! And I forgot the products :)
I have another video on YouTube of those!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Does it Mean to Be a NASA Wife?

I am sure that some of you (if anyone is even reading this blog) are wondering NASA? what does being a NASA wife even mean? be honest not much. I'm not comparing being a [soon-to-be] NASA wife to being a military wife AT ALL. The military wives that give up their husbands to allow them to fight for our freedom is nothing in comparison. That being said... there are few things that change when your soon to be husband talks NASA all the time. Joey is an engineer at NASA and was actually working on the last shuttle lunches so he collects SOOOOO much NASA memorabilia. I have started to craft with it and put little displays together because when we eventually move into our house he will be able to put them in HIS den.

 So for this little crafting session I took the shuttles that he worked on and placed them in a frame along with a cut out from a Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center plastic bag. When I was cleaning I also found his letter from when he Co-Oped with NASA. Joey was happy to come home to this :)

The decor that you will find in Joey's apartment is all NASA themed... and I should say Ole Miss themed as well.
 Lego shuttles, NASA posters, rocket pictures, and much much more.

And then finally, whenever we have family or friend come to Florida for a visit we end up taking them to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center for all the fun tours, IMAX movies, and rocket garden. My parents recently came to Florida to visit and they had never been to the space center. I have included a few picture from that day.


 I am so my mother's child :) Our faces are exactly the same!

Always missing my family in NY but so glad they got to see what Joey does and visit NASA!!!

It is always fun to see Joey get excited about NASA and I can't wait to hear our kids run around saying that daddy works for NASA. That aside, no matter what Joey decides to do with his career I will be there supporting him and being his little personal cheerleader :) He works so hard to provide and I am sooo very blessed.