Thursday, April 19, 2012

All by Myself...

Joey left today :( He  is headed off to Texas for his best friend's wedding so Rebel and I are here to fend for ourselves... (No... I'm just kidding) But we will surely miss him.

Anyway... I was dreading taking him to the Orlando airport this morning, not only because he was leaving for a few days, but also because... well... I get stressed driving, soooo the Orlando airport is just no fun for me. I usually get all scared that someone is going to cut me off right before my exit or that I would cut someone off before THEIR exit. I don't know. I don't like it. Plus, everyone is crazy, like the speed limit is 35 MPH and everyone flies right around there at like 85 MPH.

I went to Ulta yesterday because there were a few products that I really wanted to try :) A few are not really worth mentioning, however there are two that I tried yesterday that I am so excited about. So the first one was the LIPPY lip gloss by Butter London...
...OMG I love this lip gloss and I got this color above it is called Yummy Mummy. It is the perfect nude lip gloss and it is very long lasting. I do have one issue with it though, like I do with most lip gloss, is that it is very sticky. I honestly think there is only one lip gloss that is not sticky and legit mosturizes your lips and that is the lip gloss pretty amazing by bare minerals/essentials. BEST STUFF EVER! Anyway I got this lip gloss and I love it :) I will link their website below.

The other product I really wanted to try was these makeup remover face wipes called Yes to Blueberries.
I picked up the small travel bag at the front of the store because they were a new purchase for me and I wanted to just try them out... BUT I will be going back for more. These are great! NOW... I must say that I do not use these to fully take off my makeup. I still use my Ponds Cold Cream to take up the heaviness of my make up... but instead of just washing my face right after I now use a sheet of these to get all the left over makeup and dirt (Yuck... Dirt) off my face so that my pores a clear for really washing my face. Plus.. I love the smell ( ahaha) they smell like blueberries and lemon :)

So those were the two new purchases at Ulta that I am crazy about already! Take to y'all tomorrow :)

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