Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back in Florida!

Success! I arrived back to Florida last night around 10:30 PM...back to warmer weather! But I do have to say  they did start to have some nice warm weather up in NY as well! The trip was over all GREAT  and I was able to (well... my mom helped us out) put a deposit down on the venue! So April 27, 2013 it is! VERY EXCITED! I can't say that I have been excited the whole time though...was stressed for a bit and I am sure that I will continue to be stressed as this wedding planning comes along. I tend to go through periods of time where everything that I do is deep in thought and I zone out a bit (I'm not weird or anything... just a heads up). I try talking about it with my family and I'm not sure what is going on with me...maybe it is just the fact that there are many changes going on in my life, or maybe it is that I am living a life that I never myself pictured....whatever it is, I hope that I am relieved of this funk soon. 

(Enough with the heavy Katrina...)

Sooooo on a lighter note, when I was home I received a picture from Joey out on the runway at the Kennedy Space Center. The Discovery shuttle was loaded up on top of a plane to take off to Washington DC. I am like OBSESSED with Instagram so I had to do something fun with the picture!

There were other pictures posted on the Viera, FL Facebook Page as well as from Washington DC, but this picture was great from the runway! (Thank you Joey!)

So today is a catch up day until Joey gets out of work. He leaves tomorrow for Texas for his best friend's wedding. I wanted to go, but with the plane costs having gone up and the cost of boarding Rebel would be a bit too much for us to swing :/  But doing the whole laundry and making dinner thing today... then Joey comes home from work around 1 pm so I am hoping to run some errands with him and make a trip to Ulta :) There are a few products that I would like to try!

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