Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lazy Day Thursday

Wednesday Thursday! Where have the days gone? Today is a much lazy day. I feel like when it is Thursday I have managed to get both apartments clean, laundry done, the puppy is tired (and snoring I might add), my top meals planned out for the week are made, and over all it is a lazy day. I'm getting excited for the weekend and I really want to record a makeup haul soon to post sometime but nonetheless....

I was telling Joey that I really want to start couponing (I know housewife cliche'...don't judge) and he looked at me like I was a foreign person. I know nothing really about it, except what I see on that Extreme Couponing show and to be honest it scares me to watch it! But I do want to start because I think it will help save some money in the budget (and let's be honest...more money saved=more money to shop). 

Does anyone out there coupon? And if so, share the tips/tricks ladies? :)

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