Friday, April 6, 2012

My Favorites: Spring Time Hair...yay!

Well hello again...soooo I really enjoy reading many blogs that incorporate some housewives' favorites when it comes to products to use (either in the Spring time or other seasons...) but I just think it is a great way to try new products and sometimes they work; sometimes they don't.

In the Spring time I really just love the feeling of light, no chemically infused hair to pair with my favorite little sun dress (usually from Francesca's)! So to tame my out of control curly hair I use these five, four, NO three products that I have grown to love...and they are easy to pick up and purchase. 

The FIRST product that I comb through my hair with my fingers is by One 'n Only and it is an Argan Oil Curl Cream...
This is a simple curl cream that can be used on curly hair as a leave-in conditioner that really defines and enhances curly hair.
This product was purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply Store for around $10.

My SECOND favorite hair product for the Spring is something that I have recently added to my collection! After only a day of using it I noticed a difference in the way my hair behaved sooo I am all about this product. If you go to the Kinky Curly website you notice that many of the models they use have very (and I mean V-E-R-Y) kinky curly hair (duhhhh hence the name). BUT! I do not have the type of hair mine is a more natural curl/wave and it not a kinky head of hair. Needless to say, this product still works.
This product is not a spray but more of a gel type pump. I use  about two squirts in my palm then work throughout my hair. This product (I hear) can work with almost any type of hair and leaves your hair feeling controlled yet light! 
This product was purchased at Target for around $11.99.

AND favorite Spring shine spray! Yay! This product I just happened to stumble across in Sally's Beauty Supply Store will doing a haul and I am obsessed with the smell of this product! I typically don't buy products solely on the smell, but this one I caved on! Turns out that this shine gloss spray really is great! You can use it on wet or dry hair (I see more of an effect when applied to dry hair) and it helps with that mid-day frizz (I don't know about you but my hair tends to turn into a hot air balloon taking off to China mid-day); while also giving your hair a wonderful, halo glowing shine. (AND IT SMELLS GOOD...did you catch that point yet?) The product is called Proclaim (never heard of the brand before when I bought it) Spray On Gloss.
This product IS more of a misty spray and I spray a good 5 shots in, on, and around my head (teeeehhheee). I also re-apply throughout the day as needed to help with my hot air balloon curls heading to China.
This product was purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply Store for around $8.

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