Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Missing Puzzle Pieces :)

YAY! Joey took the day off today! It was great to be able to spend time with him after both of us not seeing much of each other in the past few week! We got tons accomplished this morning.
Joey had a work teleconference, and while he was on that I was able to get some more packing done for him and get some emails done myself. I think we can safely check a few things off the Wedding Checklist :)

Talked to my sister about her coming to Florida in May. I'm sad we had to postpone her coming down :( But with the move coming up and Joey staying with me for a bit until everything is ready to go, we have a lot going on. Plus we really want to be able to take my sister and her boyfriend to Orlando and spend some time in the theme parks as well as eating good food! (Food is always a must have on vacation!)

We went by the self-storage place and rented a 10x10 unit to house some of Joey's things that are just too much. We are hoping to post some of these things online to sell, because there is just so much. The GREAT thing about this storage facility is they are NASA fans!
Notice the Space Shuttle :) Joey was pleased!
Very excited we finally have a place to put all the stuff!!

After we toured the self storage place Joey and I went to Red Berry to get some frozen yogurt. Yummmmmmy! I had White Peach with some mochi topping and fruit :)

We felt bad leaving Rebel out so we used up the rest of the Tuesday sun on a walk!

My missing puzzle pieces are back into place :)

Happy Tuesday!

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