Friday, April 27, 2012

Target Haul and a U-Haul...Wait...What?

Friday! Wait that felt good to more time, FRIDAY! Whooot! Yesterday was more than P90x insane (I really have never done it before, but I hear it's crazy). I pretty much packed all day and Joey showed up with a U-Haul trailer after work so after heating up some frozen pizzas for dinner (yea... I know) we started moving things. Joey did AMAZING with that dolly thing that you can rent from U-Haul. We moved the two couches, the bed, washing machine, his large dresser/mirror, and a few other small pieces. I told him several times throughout moving these things that THIS WAS THE LAST TIME we don't hire this done. I think I mentioned that in my blog yesterday but I can't say it enough! Any waaaayyy, Joey's apartment is now a mess of boxes, bags, and leftovers.

Such a mess! Drives me nuts :)

On a lighter note...I finally got my email from Birchbox to sign up for my monthly subscription :) Can't wait to show you all the sample products that I get and review some of them.  I also went to Target to get a few things :) I friend of mine from college (and a Bridesmaid) mentioned that she liked some of the e.l.f cosmetics that are carried at Target. She commented on the eye I thought I'd check them out. I couldn't believe the prices! They are so cheap. I am a bit skeptical of really cheap products (yea I know...I'm a snob) but seriously I have tried some of the cheaper products and I was not thrilled. BUTTT I liked what I saw from e.l.f. soooo I think I'm going to try a few products and see how they compare to some of the makeup I'm using now (UD, Benefit, Smashbox, MAC, etc). I will have to let you know what I think! The biggest thing that really attracts me to the products are that they are cruelty free which is hard to find good makeup that is for a cheaper price.

I few other things I got were the Burt's Bees gud Body Mist! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS. I have been walking around all morning smelling the scent I got. There was a dollar off coupon on so I justified trying the spray. It is a bit on the higher price side, but it's Burt's Bees and organic (so no parabens, phthalates, or petrochemicals) plus not test on animals.
I bought the Pear& Acai Berry scent, but they had a few more (yes I'm going back today to get them all).
So then I found out that Target carries the Yes to Carrots line in which I buy the Facial Towelettes Yes to Blueberries. However, at Target they had the Yes to Cucumbers for $2 cheaper than the Yes to Blueberries and I had already wanted to try the cucumber towelettes so good deal right?!?
P.S. I love these towelettes and will talk about them all the time

Finally, (I did eventually stop shopping...) I saw the cutest clutch on clearance and had to have it! $9! How can you beat that for such cuteness! 
This is so Spring/Summer time! It will pair well with white skinny jeans and a cute blouse :))))

So that was my mini-Target Haul. I guess I shouldn't say mini because I did purchase much more but I like to share a few fun things with you all! Today is going to be another day of packing and moving plus a short trip to Hobby Lobby. I am using my old dresser for my makeup collection so I need to get some organizers and I have a couple ideas for what to use in the drawers. I will take some pictures once it's completed.

Can't believe it's the weekend again! Hoping we can do some fun beach time and visit the art festival.

Enjoy your weekend time!

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