Friday, April 20, 2012

What a Day! A Friday!

Friday! It is almost the weekend :) No Friday can be a bad Friday right? WRONG! (Well I shouldn't say that... but then again I should). Had the worst headache yesterday so I woke up feeling really refreshed and ready to get a few things accomplished. Rebel decided not to help much...every three minutes it seemed he had to go out. Silly puppy! Had to deal with some annoying emails, sometimes I just don't understand people (pray for them). BUT I also was able to email the venue back and let them know that the contract looked good to go ;))) YAY PROGRESS!

Most of the day consisted of packing Joey's apartment for him to move....

Rebel was enjoying the craziness in the apartment :)

And then sometimes not so much...

Joey has so many books... I have NO IDEA what we are going to do with them all when we move in together after we are married. We will have to have a room as a library to include all the books that he has. The following pictures do not do all the books justice!

WOW! So many books to move around!

The storms today really got bad! We had winds up to 60 MPH and hail the size of quarters! Praise God that I was able to get back home from my apartment and doing errands before it really started to get bad. Rebel has no idea what to make of the thunder. He barks every time he hears it. He had to go outside (potty is what we call it) just as it started to pour down rain so he ended up soaking wet. I had the umbrella up and he didn't like that so he ran away from me. Needless to say, we spent 15 minutes in the pouring rain and HE DIDN'T EVEN GO!
The pouring rain that I tired to capture on camera...but I'm not a photographer :(

Rebel all wet from the rain!

At the end of the day I'm just wrapping up some of Joey's photos and blogging to the sound of rain with my Yankee candle burning away :) OOOHHH and baking a cake!

I would say that Rebel is content as well :)) 

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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  1. My dog does the same thing. Spends all her time outside complaining that she is out with that "how dare you stick me out here in the rain" look on her face. If she would just spend that time finding the perfect spot and actually go...we would be on to something but nooooo she just comes back in soaking wet and mad.