Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Does it Mean to Be a NASA Wife?

I am sure that some of you (if anyone is even reading this blog) are wondering NASA? what does being a NASA wife even mean? Well...to be honest not much. I'm not comparing being a [soon-to-be] NASA wife to being a military wife AT ALL. The military wives that give up their husbands to allow them to fight for our freedom is nothing in comparison. That being said... there are few things that change when your soon to be husband talks NASA all the time. Joey is an engineer at NASA and was actually working on the last shuttle lunches so he collects SOOOOO much NASA memorabilia. I have started to craft with it and put little displays together because when we eventually move into our house he will be able to put them in HIS den.

 So for this little crafting session I took the shuttles that he worked on and placed them in a frame along with a cut out from a Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center plastic bag. When I was cleaning I also found his letter from when he Co-Oped with NASA. Joey was happy to come home to this :)

The decor that you will find in Joey's apartment is all NASA themed... and I should say Ole Miss themed as well.
 Lego shuttles, NASA posters, rocket pictures, and much much more.

And then finally, whenever we have family or friend come to Florida for a visit we end up taking them to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center for all the fun tours, IMAX movies, and rocket garden. My parents recently came to Florida to visit and they had never been to the space center. I have included a few picture from that day.


 I am so my mother's child :) Our faces are exactly the same!

Always missing my family in NY but so glad they got to see what Joey does and visit NASA!!!

It is always fun to see Joey get excited about NASA and I can't wait to hear our kids run around saying that daddy works for NASA. That aside, no matter what Joey decides to do with his career I will be there supporting him and being his little personal cheerleader :) He works so hard to provide and I am sooo very blessed.

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