Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blaaahhh Wednesday and e.l.f Review

Wednesday... ughhh! My emotions are always messed up on Wednesdays. I don't know whether to be happy that it is mid-week and getting closer to the weekend OR if I should be sad because I still have 3 WHOLE days....Wahhhh! Okay enough with that sad ranting about a day of the week that I have (and will continue to have) ZERO control over...

So I wanted to do a quick e.l.f review, basically on some of the products I picked up to try recently at the suggestion of a friend. Just a quick disclaimer, my thoughts and opinions are my own and I HIGHLY recommend doing some of your own research and viewing a few reviews before making a decision about the product(s).

So the first product that I picked up and tried were the e.l.f cream eye-shadows. Annnnnddd I have to say that I am impressed :) I picked up two shades of the cream shadows in Candlelight and Bronzed.
The packaging for the e.l.f cream eye-shadows are okay and the studio line is much better than the $1 line. I have to say for $3 per pot they are kindaaaa cute :)
The cream shadows are very pigmented and if you apply a primer before hand they are very long lasting. I think they are very hard to remove at the end of the day which for some people might be considered a good thing...but I like my makeup to come off without have to scrub my eye lid off.
I liked the shades that I picked up and while they are more of a matte color, they did have a small bit of frost within them which was great! While I liked these shadows I think I still prefer my NYX powder shadows over all. Cream shadows usually feel heavier on my eye lids and the powders come across as more of a fresh, light wear.
These are my current NYX favorites! The single pods here are listed from left to right; Hunter Green, Charcoal Brown, and Sahara. The triplet NYX shadow on the left includes the colors Golden, Rust, and Walnut Bronze. The triplet shadow palette on the right is the Spring palette Shangri-La.
The NYX eye-shadows are my favorite, affordable brand. I do like the MAC shadows, but if you want a larger collection to play with NYX is a more affordable option. I do have to mention that one of my favorite cream eye-shadows is by Chanel and it's called Emerveille (#82)

So overall, I liked the e.l.f cream eye-shadow and I will definitely use the product up. I'm not sure that I will purchase it again because there are a few other products that I would rather purchase and use (NYX, MAC, and Chanel Shadows) but I think for the price they are GREAT!

I also picked up some e.l.f blush. I am a blush crazy person and I have to say I thought the blush would be good because I fell in love with color. I picked up Mellow Mauve and I like the overall color, but was not thrilled with the consistency of the blush. It is a powder blush and I am the exact opposite with blush as I am with eye-shadow. I  prefer cream blushes to powders but I usually don't let that stop me :)
Like I said, I liked the color of this blush.
BUUUTTT I felt that it was too powdery and it broke a little too much (if that makes sense).
The color is very slight and pretty! But it goes on a bit chunky (did I really just say chunky...). I still prefer the NYX cream blushes and I have two GORGEOUS shades :)  Boho Chic and Tickled.
These blushes are PERFECT! And they are great cream blushes. ALWAYS remember that if you wear a powdered foundation you want to wear a powdered blush. If you wear a liquid or mousse foundation then a cream blush is okay :)) I love the way NYX cream blushes feel on my face and the colors are too cute.
The pinker tone is the Boho Chic :)

I do have an all-time favorite blush called Blush Rush Radiance by Smashbox and this is a MUST TRY. It is the perfect barbie pink for a Spring/Summer look.
This is a powder blush... but I make exceptions :)

Okay... this is getting long but I want to review one more e.l.f product that I picked up. I tried the Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose. And I'm just going to say right now I hate it! Sorry :/ Maybe it is the color but over all the feel of the lip color on my lips was not ideal and I like other products so much better.

One of my NEW (by new I mean I just got it and really like it thussss far) favorites is my Pixi by Petra Tinted Brilliance Balm and this is a Lip Color Stick like the e.l.f one I just showed you. This is such an AMAZING color with the perfect amount of shine but not too much like a gloss. I have the color Baby Bare (No. 6)
 Love the packaging :) Gets me every time!
So there is not too much more to say about this other than it feels better on my lips and looks 10 times better  than the e.l.f Lip Color. Thing with lips matter how the color looks in a swatch or in the store... it will always be different on your lips. Your lips have a natural color to them that can ultimately change the way the color will display on your lips. To help this, brush a small amount of your everyday foundation across your lips to help neutralize your natural lip tone.  Then apply the color as desired!

Where has the time gone? I'm sorry for the long blog post :/ But people had requested I do a quick review on what I thought so I will be back to the everyday life tomorrow... I hope! (I'm going shopping soon so I might grab something that I have to rave about). I am making another LUSH trip this weekend because I used my Rose Queen Bath Bomb and loved it! Going to get a few more to load back up on my LUSH stash. I just may have to do a review on those products as well.

OOO and Rebel wants to say hi!

Happy Wednesday :)))

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