Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Curly Hair Woes...Think Again!

I have curly hair…(shocker)…but it has been less than perfect for most of my years of being. I have suffered from it all! Frizz. Dry Ends. Untamed Curls. You name it…I suffered from it.

I speak to you as someone who HAS DONE ALL the wrong things to ruin my curly hair. I have color treated it, brushed it, blow dried it, straightened it, used horrible shampoos (I didn’t know this then), and even used the wrong products.

This blog post is KEY to the repair of your curly hair! Trust me I know! I have been on the quest for the past few months and my hair is 10x better than it was. I’m not 100% there yet… but almost!

I have included a list of steps that should help start the repairing process for your curly hair.  Also is a list of products that have helped me in my quest for the perfect curl and a video of the YAY/NAY products that should/n’t  be in your bathroom. As a side note, you MUST MUST MUST do your research. I stand buy the products that I recommend 100% and I care how all of you are spending your money, but while I can recommend something that has worked for me…remember that all hair types are different and react differently to products. Also with that being said, curly hair (no matter the type) has the same base characteristics which are the baseline for where to start in repairing your hair.

Steps to Repair Curly Hair

Step 1: Get it CUT! I know, I know you want to grow your hair longer but it will not grow if you do not trim the ends off! Also, talk to your stylist about layers for your hair. Don’t go crazy with them and definitely make sure you have a hair stylist that has experience with curly hair. They will know the length and type of layers to put in your hair specifically.

Step 1 (A): Color Treated Hair: Stop dying it. Curly hair, and I have said this before, is much, much dryer than straight hair. We just don’t have the oils daily like straight hair does. Coloring your hair, no matter how organic or “safe” they tell you the coloring is...WILL dry out your hair even more. You are stripping the oils (the small amount we have) in order to allow the color to stay in your hair.

Step 2: Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive out there; I don’t use the most expensive but buy shampoo and conditioner that DOES NOT contain ANY sulfates in it.   Sulfates do HORRIBLE damage on curly hair and strip away natural oils and vitamins your hair needs. (I don’t leave you hanging…products to try are down beeeelow kids)

Step 3: Stop all HEAT TO YOUR HAIR. IF…IF you need to dry your hair because you don’t have time to let it air dry, attach a diffuser to your hair dryer and allow the diffuser to do the work and ONLY dry your hair 90% to prevent over drying and frizzing.

Step 4: Stop straightening your hair. SIMPLE. This took me forever to do…because I HATED my short, frizzy curly hair. BUT I killed my hair. There are tons of products out there that you can use to help treat your hair (hair protective products) but they do not help if you straighten your hair every day. ONCE in a blue moon if you want to “change up your look” YOU MUST USE THIS PRODUCT before you straighten your hair.

Step 5: Invest in a few good products that will help define your curls and hydrate them throughout the day WITHOUT being too harsh on your beautiful curls. 

Step 6: DO NOT BRUSH YOU HAIR. Many curly hair people take an everyday brush to their hair when they get out of the shower. (Wrooonnnggg) You should use a wide tooth comb and that is it. I show an example in the end video.

Step 7: This is a tough one, because this is something that I struggle with. Don't wash your hair everyday. (Yeaaaa....I know I'm not a fan of this either) I have heard that to help keep your curly hair from drying out that we do not need to wash it everyday. In my personal opinion this depends on your hair. I think if you have a good shampoo that won't do the damage to your hair then you would be okay. 
Products that Work for Me!

Shampoo and Conditioner: Pureology
Zero Sulfates with Key Oils!

Curl Cream: One n' Only Argan Oil/ Moroccan Oil

Curl Serum: Kinky Curly (optional)
This is something that I think adds extra hold and is safe/good for your hair however does not do much to help repair your hair. If you are looking for hold then I recommend this instead of hair spray.

Alcohol-Free No Frizz Shine Spray: Proclaim
Good Frizz Control with ZERO alcohol! This is waaayyyy better than hair spray!

There are two products that I have been doing research on that I am going to try (for the sake of my curly hair) and my blog. I have read a lot about them and I think they would be a good shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. I will let you know when I try them. If you have tried them send me an email of what you thought!

Davines Love Lovely Curl Enhancing Shampoo
Davines Love Lovely Curl Enhancing Conditioner

I put together a Yay and Nay Box Video that includes some products that I have tried and not liked along with those products that will damage your hair. It is about 11 minutes long so watch at your own risk ;)


 I hope this helps a bit! Email me with any questions or leave some comments about what has worked for you!


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