Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY Curtain Experiment...with other stuff...AGHHH!

OKAY! SOOO where was I yesterday...CLEANING!
(Seriously I was) some of you are not believing me right this moment...but you willl!
So I have a couple things to talk about and lucky for some people NO MAKEUP...(well okay I lied maybe like 3...shooot 4 things).

So I spent a good portion of the day yesterday cleaning the bathroom, more specifically my tub. I don't know why I got the urge to douse (yes...douse)  my entire tub/shower in bleach, Scrubbing Bubbles, and CLR but I did. I had noticed that even though my tub was extremely clean I still had some of those hard water stains on the tile in my tub. I don't know about all of you but I get grossed out when my tub is not a pearly white master piece of shine like all those commercials indicate as possible (LIESSSSSS...unless your tub is BRAND NEW).

Well I started out on my quest with the Scrubbing Bubbles which usually helps get grime off but this did not work. Frustrated from scrubbing like 30 minutes I went to the store near by and picked up bleach and CLR. I used the whole bottle of bleach which helped a bit but you could still see some stains on the tile. I tried the CLR but that just helped only a little bit more. After nearly passing out from all the chemical, trying to keep Rebel out of the bathroom, an entire ruined pair of black (yes I know stupid of me to wear black) leggings, and a final rinsing of the tub it actually looks very nice...3 hours later! yea that was my mini tub cleaning issue (I'm over it now...I think). I went on to clean my bathroom and bedroom. Yea for clean minimalistic rooms (I hate clutter). I did want to share with you one product though because I have been in love with this product ever since I worked at a bed and breakfast in high school. You probably have heard about it because it has been around a while and is nothing new BUT IT IS THE BEST GLASS CLEANER EVER! Like seriously should win awards (I think it has actually).
Sprayway! OMG throw out your Windex and buy this!
They are not lying when they say that it's the best glass cleaner in the world. Ammonia free and it's streakless (not like Windex streakless... LIES...but really streakless). Also, FYI but every time you purchase of bottle of this you are donating to help the fight of breast cancer (A+++).
You can purchase this really anywhere...Walmart, Target, etc.; but the best value is if you purchase it at Sam's Club in a 3 pack (more bang for buck).

I know you all are wondering why the title of this blog post is DIY curtain experiment...WELL wonder no longer! I purchased curtains at Ikea a while back and hung them but they were way too long.
As seen here...
Whoooa embarrassing! No but seriously I had to measure and do the whole cut, fold over and iron crap (hello....NOT FUN)

Well I found a solution that works for me so I thought I would share. (Don't hate if you hate it)
Before I show you there are 3 steps you must follow to achieve this curtain look (hmmm fanccccyyy huhhhh)

Step 1: Buy overly long curtains from Ikea (or whatever store really of your choosing)
Step 2: Become too lazy to measure, cut, fold over, and iron them for the correct size.
Step 3: Hang them anyway and constantly trip over the yards of fabric looming on your floor.

Once you completed the above steps then you can have curtains that look like this!
I love this! And it is sooo cute looking! 
So what did I do??? Well I I took each curtain, there are three curtain panels on each side, two white panels and a purple in the middle. I tied each panel in a larger, loose knot at the bottom. I had a bit of access at the bottom but we will take care of that in a minute. Then I took some really pretty medium width, gray ribbon and tied it all around all three panels in a small bow. With any curtain left at the bottom you can pull it back and tuck it into the back of the ribbon.
LOVE IT and it took 5 minutes with ZERO ironing :)

So that was a fun project :) These curtains were cheaper ones from Ikea that I have in my apartment before Joey and I get our house. I would not tie curtains that I invested more money in or even iron/cut them for that matter. They would be custom made for our windows.

This post is longer than I thought (once again...what's knew...) so I will save the other fun things for another day.

Almost the Weekend!

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