Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun Nails and Makeup...Ohhh FRIDAY!

Happy Friday!
Soooo as I told you all yesterday, I have a few new makeup items that I picked up to share. Along with those, I wanted to try out my Birchbox nail polish in the color Disco Nap. Now...I am not a big fan of metallic so I didn't want to do all my nails this color so I decided to paint my nails in the new trend of different colors with the pop of Disco Nap on the ring finger. I LOVE IT!

Anyway...the Disco Nap nail polish is great! Reminds me of something I would wear to a New Year's Eve party or for a special occasion. For the summer time it is not really a color I would wear all over my nails but as a pop of color on the ring finger it works well :)

I have been on an eye-shadow kick for a while now (pretty much trying everything under the sun) and there was one type of eye-shadow that I have heard a bunch of raves about so I wanted to try it. The other two were randoms that I found just looking around as I shop (yessss...I go to the makeup section every time I shop to look for the new things that have come out).
Now I'm not usually a big fan of drugstore eye-shadow because I have sensitive eye lids and the formulas they usually come out with are harsh on my eyes. I really enjoy the NYX, Bare Minerals, MAC, and Tarte (as my regular go to).
But I usually try to find some new drugstore shadows, bases, and creams when I'm out and about.

So the item that I knew I wanted to try was the Maybelline New York Color Tattoo eye-shadow.

 I have heard tons of rave about this product and the long lasting wear that you can get out of it, even without a primer. Now, I have combination-oily skin and for my eyes I typically need an eye-shadow primer (like my Urban Decay Primer Potion) to stay on all day. With these eye-shadows, if you use them as a base color, they actually hold up very well without a primer! This is exciting because this makes for a good travel eye-shadow when you are limited on space to bring along all your makeup products.
I purchased the color #50 Edgy Emerald and #25 Bad to the Bronze.

The next two items were just items I saw as I walked through one day and decided to give them a try.
Revlon as a drugstore brand has been doing AWESOME! With their New Lip Butter Lipsticks and also with their new nail polish formula that is AMAZING. I have walked past these Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows several times now and just love the the combination of colors so I decided to pick one up. I got the color 740 Seashells which has very light, delicate colors. I have not tried these yet, but I am very excited to see how they last.

Lastly, this Rimmel London eye-shadow.
Now I own nothing Rimmel. Typically I never stop to glance at their products...I just have never been a fan. BUT I saw this palette and had to stop because the color of this shadow reminded me so much of the Chanel Emerveille color. I'm not sure why because when I got home I took a second look and the Chanel is a bit different (maybe more plum like) I'm not sure...but I still think it is a closer match than some others I have seen. Now I have not worn this so it may look completely different on, but just in the packaging it looks really pretty.
This color is called English Rose #005.

Well I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I know Rebel is! He has discovered that he is just tall enough to look out the window now.
I caught him through the table!
He is too cute! He loves to watch the golfers drive by in their carts!

TGIF :)))

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