Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's Weekend Time!

Finally the weekend is here! I didn't get to post yesterday because I was busy changing the interface of my Blog! 
Like it?!?!
I do :) It took a long time and there are still a few things I want to add and change, but overall I am pleased. You probably noticed but I blog on Blogger by Google; I had the template blog called Dynamic View and I really like it. It was driven towards more of a photo based blog and had generally a great reader interface. The sad thing is, as a blogger you couldn't change/edit the HTML which allows other customization (and...of course I wanted an amazing blog background). So I switched up! It's still growing on me because I usually have problems with change sooooo #ladyproblems

Joey and I went to see Avengers last night! And O MY IT WAS GOOD!
I really suggest going to see it! This currently is rating at my number one superhero movie. It was a bit long...2 hours and 22 mins (roughly...I didn't have a stopwatch or anything) but you don't even notice the length in the movie. Like I LOVED Lord of the Rings (yepppp and the geek in me comes out) but there were times in that series of movies when I was ready for the story line to move on. Avengers was nothing like this at all! So great movie!!! I think I might have to see it again. Also...I might add because Joey and I are "trying" to watch what we spend due to planning a wedding; but this was movie was definitely worth seeing on the big screen for $9. Usually I won't go see ever little movie that comes out because my thought is that in a few months time I can rent it from a Red Box....BUTTT worth the money to see this movie on the big screen.

Okay...I apologize for the geek in me coming out...maybe it is due to me marrying a rocket scientist and he wanted to see this movie really bad...but I LOVE IT!

I am tossing the idea back and forth to start vlogging. (Katrina...where do you come up with some of these things???)  Well I'm not sure...yet so no worries but I really like watching some of the YouTube vloggers talk about their favorites, shopping hauls, or just do reviews on products they love. I do that anyway on my blog but I just type it all (yuckkkk typing...) and it can take much longer then if I tried filming a review? Like I said... I'm entertaining the idea. I think the first video I might do it on the primer/foundation combination that I have grown to love. like always I usually recommend something like a product... well how about a wine!!! a little while back my co-worker (when I was working for my previous employer) and I went to Tarpon Springs around Thanksgiving time last year and were able to try out this AMAZING winery called Florida Orange Groves Winery where their wine is made with ALL kinds of fruit! Anyway... I have a few bottles from the trip and decided to open one while I was taking a bubble bath... OOO I have pictures (well not of me in the bath, but of my wonderful bath time).
I guess you can't see all the bubbles that well but I like my little set up. Of course I'm in a small apartment that does not have an amazing, large Jacuzzi bath tub but I like it...sooo nice :) Love lighting my candles and having a glass of wine. Last time I had my LUSH bath bomb called Rose Queen but I'm out of bath bombs and have to go haul some more :) But I did have my lavender scented bubble bath, which could be a bit more bubbly...
Anyway, I had a glass of my Sparkling Festiberry Wine and I was reminded how much I loved this winery! The Festiberry wine is a sparkling cranberry wine that I had gotten for the holidays but never drank it.
I have another bottle of wine that I have not opened yet from the winery and it was my favorite wine I tried there so I'm saving it :) But it is called Hurricane and it is a white sangria with pineapple wine, watermelon wine, passion fruit wine, key lime wine, and mango wine. (UMMM HELLO...HEAVEN!)
Sorry the photos are not that great...took them with my iPhone.

So excited to crack open this bottle of wine on a nice warm summer day :)))
If you are ever in St. Petersburg, Florida make sure you stop by for a tour!

Well I'm out for today and going to be spending the Saturday enjoying the Florida weather!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Florida Orange Groves Winery

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