Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long Weekend, Short Week!

The one thing that I love about a long weekend is the fact that on top of getting three days off we now have only four days of work :)
I hope everyone's Memorial Day weekend went well! Joey and I definitely missed our family and friends during this long weekend. I don't have too much planned for this blog post today because I have so much to get done today. That being said, I have some good posts for later this week planned...

To start out the long weekend we had, Joey decided to telework from my apartment on Friday which was nice to have him here. Rebel had to go to the vet at the end of the day on Friday as well so we took him together. His ear has been bothering him a bit so we were able to get him on medication to help with the irritation. Saturday we dropped Rebel off to get his haircut and they keep him there pretty much all day which gave Joey and I the opportunity to head to the beach.
Spent the day at the beach then picked up our handsome boy from the groomers...
We got his hair cut a bit shorter than normal but as it gets hotter we wanted him to be able to keep cool when we head on walks and outside to play.
Sunday I was doing some wedding crafting all day! We had more of a relaxing Sunday. (Sooo did Rebel)
Lastly, on Memorial Day we did some shopping for the week and relaxed some more :) Beryl the Sub Tropical Storm made most of the days this long weekend all cloudy and really opened up some Monday. I love to watch pouring rain come down :)

Today is more wedding planning and crafting plus some cleaning :) I'm also going to start putting together my business plan!
 Going to try to get some packing lists made for our trip to New York in June. I found this cool website called OnTheWay at www.onthewayapp.com and it allows you to plan your road trip while incorporating places you want to stop along the way. It also makes recommendations for you!
Can't wait to go home!

Happy Monday....errrr Tuesday!!!

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