Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not Much...Just a Sample of NARS!

Yay! I got something in the mail! I don't get much unless family or friends send me something... and all my bills are paid online so no bills either! I ordered a small sample of NARS products in the mail because I wanted to try a few things more than just their blush.
I don't know about you, but every time I go into Sephora to pick up some NARS products I am over come with a weird feeling while reading the names of some of their stuff. (yea... I will admit it I feel a bit dirty;but who WOULDN'T when you read some of those names)...So I ordered online!
What really caught my eye was the "Super O******" (I mean seriously...I'm not writing the true name on my blog...) I have seen the general one in the store but never the "Super"....(hmmmm) therefore I was interested. It looked so glittery... so I had to try it. I figured I would get a sample of their blush (of course...my favorite beauty product), lip gloss, and nail polish. All in the same color FYI.

So I got the package in the mail today and when they say sample size...they mean sample size! WHOOOAA! TINY! But I was excited nonetheless :) I am not going to review anything today because I didn't get the chance to try much of the products but I did take some pics for you (my favorite readers) and a few swatches! I will do another post and video sometime of what I think after some use.
Blush :)
This looks so fun! I'm a bit uneasy about how that is going to look as a blush with all the sheen that appears to be there! I swatched it and it looked hard to see...
See...(probably not)!

The lip gloss is what I am most excited about!
This look so good!
Can't wait to wear this!

Finally is the nail polish... I did not swatch because I still have my Tart Deco on by Essie...(I will though...promise)
I think this will look good over another color because it has the flecks of gold in it!

Can't wait to try these out! Have a GREAT rest of your day!

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