Monday, May 7, 2012

A Rave and Some Karma!

Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope you all were able to enjoy your weekend :) I did for sure! Was able to catch some rays at the beach and play with Rebel :) Rebel did some treasure hunting and found  his first golf ball! This will certainly not be the last time since I live right on a golf course...buuuttt he was very happy!
I was able to get some wedding things done this weekend with Joey. We looked at cake designs we like as well as scheduled a time to meet with our pastry chef for the wedding :) So ready to go home and taste some cake in June!  While Joey was at a meeting in Barnes and Nobles I went off to peak around at some books and picked up the Dave Rasmey book on the Total Money Makeover! Joey and I decided we want to try the "Baby Steps" that he mentions. When we got home we had to cut up the credit cards (Joey never uses his...but I LOVE my Banana Republic Luxe Card). I cut it up though!
Our pile :) (Now I know what you are thinking that looks like a lot but we didn't use half of these) I just really used my Luxe :(((

Soooo my rave this week is on my primer/foundation (even though I cheat and mention like 3 more products... I can't help myself!)
The primer I use is the L'OREAL Magic Perfecting Base and I LOVE IT! It goes on so smooth and paints the perfect canvas for my foundation. Applying a primer before you apply your foundation will really help snag any dead skin (ewwww...gross) and even out skin tone before the application of your foundation. This is one of my favorite primers and very affordable/available in drugstore. Ulta carries it too :)

Then for my foundation I use the L'OREAL Magic Smooth Souffle. This is so light you can't even tell you are wearing foundation. I live in the humidity and it is perfect for oily skin! I take a bit of it on my ring finger and blot around my face. Then I take my foundation brush and buff/blend in. PERFECTION! ( See the video for more detail)

Even though I don't have terrible dark circles under my eyes I still use a concealer to brighten my under eye! I have found that the Instant Age Rewinder Eraser is the best :) I usually purcase the shade in Fair ORRR the brightener... I am currently using the brightner because I like the affect it has more on my under eye. I also then apply a tinted concealer over the brightener to blend. I HAVE to rave about this lip product from Maybelline, because I didn' think I would like it or it would compare to the MAC Tender Tones... butttt I LOVE IT!
The Maybelline Baby Lips is so good feeling! (so good feeling...? Is that correct english?) Now it doesn't compare to the MAC Tender Tones that well... I still like those better. BUUUTT I love this product for only $2.99 it is a great forumla and perfect to take with you for the beach. It is a nude color but it smells good and really moisturizes your lips. I have the color Peach Kiss so it smells and tastes like peaches but goes on very sheer with perhaps a bit of sheen :)

The my final rave is my Karma Soap from Lush!!!
I picked this up while I was picking up the Honey I Washed the Kids Soap from there because that is what I wanted to use in my shower...but this Karma scent really appealed to me and it is a spicy type scent that makes me want to do the Cha Cha! (wait...what?) This is only a sample size that the guy let me try for free but I'm in love with the smell! It is so good!

Well it is storming bad here and I have to get dinner in the oven...Thanks for reading!

Check out my Vlog on this product rave by clicking the YouTube link under Follow Me!