Tuesday, May 1, 2012

To-Do: Get Joey Moved....Status: Complete

OMYGOODNESS! Has the past few days been crazy :) I could sit here and tell (errr...write) you but I think a picture is worth 1000 words and I have a few :)
The crazy move!
Close up!
The dolly that Joey rented to move boxes....NEVER AGAIN!
Rebel after the move... too tired to play :((( And his teeth hurt :(

Soooo...after all this finally got everything set up including my make up set up. Very excited for my makeup a set up. I got a round vase and found some mini glass marbles at Michael's for my makeup brushes. This works really great when I clean my brushes because they are able to air dry sufficiently.
So fun :)
On the top of my dresser I have my face primer, everyday foundation, and mascara. Then I have my body mist and my Lovely Perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker :)
Then I organized my drawer to house all my nail polish on the left hand side, face and eye makeup along with some primers in the middle, then finally all my lipsticks, lip pencils, and glosses on the right hand side.
Finally, in my second drawer is all my body lotions, additional body mists, and my LUSH soaps and bath bombs :)
Feels so good to have a GREAT set up :)

Yesterday I didn't get to blog because the internet was not working here yet. BUUUTTTT we are now up and running :) I made manacotti for dinner last night that was so DELICIOUS. I have a unique recipe that always gets great reviews :) Joey loved it but he had to eat and run in order to go tutor. Man he works too hard ;) Tonight I will be making pork chops... I'm not a huge fan but Joey is!

Our engagement pictures were posted!!! YAY! So excited for them :) We get to pick out the proofs we like and order big prints. I think we are also going to purchase the rights to the photos and get the CD of them all! Our parents really liked the photos too and it is funny they all liked the same picture.

OOOOhhhh and I need to tell you that I am trying a new way for drying clothes!!! Old fashioned way :)) We are going GREEN!
Okaaayyyy...so the real reason I am drying clothes like this because my apartment runs off of natural gas so you need a gas dryer???? Well the dryer that Joey had is electric... sooooo we are trying this. The main problem is that Joey and I had a back log of laundry to do so right now it is endless!!!!! AGGGHHHH!

I have a e.l.f review to do tomorrow because I really like the cream eye-shadows but was not really happy with a few other things I picked up so I will let you know all that tomorrow! Hoping to also go to the doggie park with Rebel!

Bring it on Wednesday... :)))

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