Friday, June 1, 2012

5 Beauty Rules I Break...OOPS!

Friday! It is rainy here but the weekend is just around the corner so that is exciting :) I have been really busy doing some projects around my apartment so I have been a bit off with my blog postings but I had this one in mind while I was doing my makeup the other day...

I noticed that while I was getting ready I break some makeup brush rules... and then I got to thinking about a few other beauty rules that we have been told not to break and how I actually break them! (I know I'm a rebel like that). So I thought this would be fun to share and I really want to hear back from my readers about what beauty rules you break (because then I can make fun of you... just kidding, just kidding).

First Beauty Rule I Break::Makeup Brushes
So I am terrible when it comes to makeup brushes! I have nice ones that I love and I use them everyday to apply my makeup (so I'm good there) but I realized I break TWO main rules regarding my brushes. 1) Is that I don't use the right brushes to apply the right makeup product. Some of you are like 'that's not a rule', but hold up...according to the brush manufacturers it is a rule...and it's a rule that I break. I use the angle brush for my eye lid crease and my crease brush for my eye lid, my foundation brush as a blending brush, a small powder brush as my blush brush, and I could keep going. I do use my large powder brush correctly though for my MAC finishing powder. Now in my opinion who cares! I use what brushes work the best on the features of my face...every face is different and we should use the brushes the create the best effect on our features. 2) I don't deep clean my brushes like I should. Now, before everyone judges me and says 'eeeeewwww grossss' I spot clean my brushes everyday. By spot clean I mean I take my brush cleaner spray and I spray my brushes and wipe them down before putting them away to dry. They say you should deep shampoo your brushes once or twice a month but I just don't. OOOPPPSSS!

Second Beauty Rule I Break::Everyday Sunscreen
I don't wear sunscreen everyday. Nope. Don't do it. This is one beauty rule that I break...that I wish I didn't break. I have just never gotten into the habit of putting sunscreen or a higher SPF moisturizer on my face everyday. Now with the new BB creams that are coming out left and right, I think this will make it easier to apply the tinted moisturizer with SPF in it daily; buutttt in the past and even now, I don't apply it under my makeup. SHAME ON ME! I think the only time I apply sunscreen is when I go to the beach...hmmmmm.... They say that you should apply it daily under makeup to protect your skin from any sun damage that can occur just from being out and about in the sun. I read all these success stories of older women that have really great skin and they "applied a sunscreen EVERYDAY" without fail and it has protected their skin from sun damage, sun spots, WWIII, and laser beams but I JUST DON'T DO IT!

Third Beauty Rule I Break::Filing Nails
So I learned recently that you are only supposed to file your nails in one direction? WHAT? WHO KNEW THIS? (probably everyone and I'm just not on the bandwagon)...but seriously I don't do that. When I file my nails I go at them back and forth every which way...which is probably why I don't have the best nails (shocker) but really, really I can't sit and file my nails JUST one way.

Forth Beauty Rule I Break::Applying Eye Liner
Okay... I don't know how you apply your eye-liner but I apply it by pulling the outer corner of my eye out sideways (so that I look Asian or cat like) and go along my upper lash line. Well apparently I'm wrong about that one as well because it creates wrinkles on your face if you do that too much. HA! Well you know what I say to that? I use a good anti-wrinkle face and eye cream before bed so I like cancel it out right? (haha I don't know) This I thought was interesting but it is the only way I feel comfortable applying my eye-liner. Any tips?

Fifth Beauty Rule I Break::Base Coat Nail Polish I don't put a base coat on prior to my color...(and I wonder why my nail polish chips) but it is just not something that I normally have patience for. I mean I already have to take the time to paint my nails with two coats and a top coat then also let it I just never really apply a base. AGGGHHH! I should start!

Okay soooo some of these I should really STOP breaking but there are probably way more "rules" that I break and I just don't know it! Remember that you should do what works best for you (unless it's like clinically proven to ruin your life forever) and also to be in tune with what your skin and hair needs.
I want to know what rules you break so tweet me or comment below!

Have an AMAZING weekend!


  1. I also break pretty much all of these too...gonna shampoo my brushes this weekend!

    Also a really fast drying and awesome base coat I use is Orly rubberized bonder, I swear by it and the Revlon quick dry top coat. My nails stayed near perfect for at least a week with that combo!

  2. you should look into a quick dry top coat! I've been using seche vite and it works fairly well. I've heard great things about dazzle dry but it's $10 plus shipping for ONE bottle :(

    1. Yes! I have heard really great things about seche vite but Ulta is always out when I go lol :) I will have to order it online sometime! Thanks!

    2. they carry it at Sally's too :)