Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Faves!

Helllo! Boy does it feel good to get back into my routine in the mornings!  I can't believe it is already the end of June! I wanted to get my June Faves blog post up toward the beginning of the week because I have some other fun posts planned for this week and also the next, so I am a bit early buuuuttt ooo well...
Before I share my June favorites I just have to say that it has been very rainy and gloomy here with Debby at the doorstep :(
I don't think you can tell from this picture but it is raining pretty hard, along with some VERY high winds.

Okkkkay. To jump right in I have 5 favorites this month and some of you may have seen a few of the items here in previous blog posts this month.
First Favorite
Dead Sea Minerals Anti Aging Day Cream
I use this right when I get out of the shower in the morning and I have really noticed changes to my face. It says Anti Aging but that is not why I use this (although if it helps with the aging process on my face I wouldn't mind); I use this as a replacement to a moisturizer. It really hydrates my skin after a hot shower (which many moisturizers do) but the things about this is it keeps my oily skin at bay. Even better than my Clinique Hydra Gel. This is where I have noticed the best difference with my skin. My T-Zone which can get pretty oily throughout the day has been really under control which in turn allows my makeup to work better all day long. My face really feels like it has had a pick-me-up when I apply this and it leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to start my day.
Second Favorite
 Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
I mentioned this in my switching things up blog post and I have to mention it again because it deserves that much more praise! I love this mask! I won't repeat everything I sad about it... you can go check it out on the other post but this mask is my NEW favorite product of all time. Smells amazing and feels so luxurious on your skin!
Third Favorite
Red Skinny Jeans
 So I guess I shouldn't just say Red Skinny Jeans but really more like ANY colored skinny jean that is summer themed! I love these pants! They are so comfortable! I got this pair at TJmaxx and the brand is called V.I.P? I have never heard of this brand before but they fit great and pair well with much of my wardrobe :) Next stop...HOT PINK SKINNY JEANS!
I couldn't find these jeans again :( But I did find comparable ones by 7 for all mankind which is great quality!
Fourth Favorite
 NYX Single Eyeshadow in ES11 Iced Mocha
So as you all know I love NYX single eyeshadow and I came across this Iced Mocha color the last time I was at Ulta. I have loved using this to create tons of different eye looks this summer. It really works great to tone down bright colors or tone up a smokey eye. NYX has some of the best quality eye shadows in my opinion; however sometimes there can be more fallout with some than others.
Fifth/Final Favorite
Hershey Chocolate Flavored Twizzlers
This should come at no surprise to those of you who read my blog...I have to mention food :) I have talked about these Twizzlers before and I just have to bring it up again because I have had like 6 packages of these Twizzlers in this month alone...BEST EVER! Getting a bit sick of them so I am going to go back to the original flavor for awhile...but no worries I will eat these again, and again, and again!

Well that wraps up my June Favorites! I can't believe another month has come and gone! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. Let me know what some of your June/Summer favorites are in the comments below or send me an email at the contact information above!

Happy Tuesday! 

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