Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New York Adventures: Part 1

Heeellllllooooo! From up North :) We made it to New York on Sunday morning earlier than expected just in time for Father's Day!!! I started out the drive with my coffee and I was ready to go...
 The drive was beautiful! Love the New York senery.
Here are some pictures from the drive :))))

We were able to make breakfast for my Dad and have a fun day with the puppies. Oliver (my sister's dog) and Rebel get along really well and play like they have been best friends forever (yeeeeaaaaa doggie BFFs).

Monday we were able to go to Niagara Falls! This was Joey's first time there! He loved it! I think that I take it for granteed becuase I have lived in New York all my life pretty much have been there twice a year every year (give or take a few). My parents packed a picnic lunch and treated us to the Maid of the Mist and also the Cave of the Winds Tour. Soooo nice of them :)
The Cave of the Winds (here above) was insane! We are on the Hurricane Deck which because the wind and mist drops are so intense that it simulates a real hurricane! Joey and I were prepping for hurricane season in Florida :)))
That was pretty much our day on Monday! Didn't get back home untill very late so we were tired. Rebel had lots of fun while we were gone with Oliver (those twoooo sillllliessss). Joey and I had to be up early on Tuesday to go do some wedding things. We picked out our table runners and some other pieces for the reception at our rental place. After that we went to Kohl's and put together our wedding reigistry. I really am not a fan of this! I don't know why...but when we registered at Williams and Sonoma I didn't have much fun either (maybe it's because I can take any of the items home with me).
OOTD PICTURE!!!! (Whoooottttt red skinnies)
Joey and I went to Nick  Tahos after for lunch and Joey tried his first garbage plate! (which is a Rochester thing...two cheeseburgers on top of french fries and macoroni salad all mixed together with hot meat sauce and onion on top)....YUUUUUMMMMMMY!!!
Many more adventures to come :) Going shopping with my bridesmaids today
 (except one :(((( boooo) which will be fun to look at some dresses!

Look out for more New York Adventures to come!!!!

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