Monday, June 25, 2012

New York Adventures: Part 2

FINALLY! Back to Florida!!! Although we had to hit the tropical storm Debby along the way...WE MADE IT! Rebel was so happy to get out of the car and so were Joey and I. We are both very tired so I doubt this will be a very long post, but I wanted to catch up with y'all!

The second half of our trip was very successful! Got some more wedding things under way and we had some amazing time with family and friends! We were mostly busy with wedding things all the way through the week until Saturday which was my grandmother's 80th birthday celebration. Buuuuuttt even though I had many weddings things to do I was able to hang out with some friends. We did pizza and wing night any my house (courtesy of my parents) and then we made our way to Applebees for round TWO!
Pina Colada...YUUUUMMMM!
Apple Pie with a side Chocolate Mousse Shooter (can you tell it had been a long week?)

We helped my parents get ready for my Grandma's party which turned out to be a GREAT success! My aunt was up from Texas and my uncle was up from Florida!!! It is always great to bring the WHOLE family together! I can't believe how big some of my cousins have gotten!
Getting ready and setting the food out :)
We took some family photos! How cute!!!!
My sister and her boyfriend with Joey and I!
Daddy and his girls :)
Joey was caught eating the cookies while we were cleaning up from the party!
What a great time we had...can't wait to see my family again...

So we started out track back home to Florida yesterday morning around 9 a.m.! That called for some major energy!
I normally don't drink these things but I needed a good start to my day! We were trying hard to beat some of the storm Debbie and make it to Florida in one piece!
Rebel always has a fun time on road trips :) He has little area in the back of the CR-Z that is his but he is always trying to make his way toward the front.
He later crashes in several places throughout the car...

Wellllll I'm sooo tired I don't think I could type anymore :( Off to get some rest and I will be back to the routine tomorrow!

Have a GREAT rest of your Monday!

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