Thursday, June 28, 2012

Philosophy Finds at BIG LOTS!

It's Thursday! As Joey reminds me every week :) Very excited for the weekend to be here... hopefully going to get some beach time in! What are your plans for the weekend?
So I have been meaning to post this blog post for a while now and I just got busy with getting ready for NY, then being in NY, and nooooowwww that I'm home from NY I can finally make this post. (was that long enough for you)...
Joey and I recently went to Big Lots to look around and also I had heard about them having a name brand beauty product so of course I had to go look. I had never been in a Big Lots before...verrrry interesting?
BUUUTT they had Philosophy products for $3 a pop!
Look how cute! These products usually retail from about $10-$30 so I couldn't believe the price on them! The larger compact is shimmering face powder.
This is really pretty! I wouldn't put it all over my face as a finish though. It has too much shimmer in it (hence the name). This product I have actually used over my cream blushes to matte-ify them and give them some extra pop. That is really it for this. You could probably also use this as a highlight if you wanted as well!

The middle sized compact (the black one) is a cream blush called lit from within.
 This is a very light blush and I tend to gravitate towards a heavy pigmented blush... but the formula is really nice. It has more of a shimmer to it so it is not as matte as it looks here in the photo.
I prefer my NYX cream blushes much more than this but for $3 this was a nice snag for a day when I don't want much color.

The smallest compact is an angel kiss lip gloss.
As you can tell I have used this a lot! I love it! It is so pretty! It has a beautiful pigment to it and the forumla is really nice on the lips. Not sticky at all!

Well I just wanted to share those finds! I know that when the product is gone in Big Lots it's gone for good! But the product was still good, not expired (you need to be careful of that) and I really like 2 of the 3 products :)

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