Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Projects!

Heeeellllllo! It's Summer! I don't know about you but this means many changes in decor and wardrobe for me :)
So the other day I changed my apartment around...well I should say my living room and it really screams summer! It is much more open and airy! Even my orange flower on my table reminds me of summer!

Sooo I found this idea on Pinterest as I was prepping my bathroom for the summer time! Prepping my bathroom for "summer time" just means a huge cleaning which I do once a week anyway, but then also swapping out my spring colors and candles out for the summer colors :)
So before, I'm sure you have seen it in other pictures, but I have this basket with my wash cloths on the counter. However, as I wanted to put out my summer color tissues on the counter and I have other items on the counter I decided it would be too cluttered with the basket.... (oooo what to do)
But... I found this DIY decor thing...(I don't what to call it) where you hang the basket on the wall...
So this is before...
And then this is after I hung the basket on the wall...

The basket really gives the bathroom some dimension! I really like the look of it and I think I'm going to get a few other smaller ones to put some candles on because right now it looks a bit out of place on the wall :)

Like I mentioned these are just some small things I'm doing around the apartment...I have on my list to reorganize my wardrobe but I really want to color code it and I have to FORCE myself to get around to going through allllll my clothes! I'm not even sure if I will get around to it!

Are you doing any summer projects? Reorganizing? Or even just swapping out some colors in your house?! Tell me whatcccha up to!


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