Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Switching Things Up!

It's Wednesday! That means I only have 2 more days until I leave for New York :) Very excited! (so is Rebel). In the mean time I have been getting many things in order for the trip and I realized that I have switched up a few of my products that I use and I wanted to share with you what has changed (along with, of course, my thoughts and opinions on the products).

The first switch up has been my eye primer (which I may have mentioned before...I'm not sure)
I used to use the Urban Decay Primer Potion
And I liked this Urban Decay primer but I wanted to try the Too Faced Shadow Insurance...
As I have said before, I like them both; however, the Too Faced feels lighter on my lid and blends out real well. Overall I like it better :)

Second item that I have switched up to try is my Facial Cream Makeup Remover. 
I used to use the Ponds Cold Cream because I really like a face cream to remove all of my face makeup and it also offers a deep cleansing.
I really like this cream...It is a favorite!! Buttttt I was recently shopping because I was out of my Ponds and came across this Jergens All Purpose Face Cream.
This was cheaper, so I thought I would try to see if it works just as well. The Ponds Cold Cream is usually $7 and some change, and this Jergens was $3 something. I thought why not try it out and see if it does the trick! And I like it! I like the smell better than Ponds which is interesting and it has a pinkish tint to the cream so that makes me happy every time I go to open it :) It takes off my makeup about just as well as the Ponds did, but not any better. This is a multipurpose cream so it is also deep cleansing, softening, and moisturizing and it leaves my faces smooth feeling after I wash it. So far, so good with this product! I may end up going back to Ponds but this is a great alternative.

Third thing I have switched up is my weekly hair treatment. As I mentioned in my curly hair blog post, it is a good idea to do a weekly hair masque or treatment to deep condition and revitalize your hair.
I used to use these little packets of hair masque that you can pick up at Sally's or even Ulta's.
These did o.k. They left my hair feeling soft and deep conditioned, but as I try to move to all natural products (which is very hard to do...I don't think I will get there anytime soon) I did some research and I decided to use Coconut Oil as my weekly hair treatment.
I picked up this Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil and this is pure oil. This is not something that you find in the hair section, this is Coconut Oil found in the baking section. It is a solid at room temperature so you have to soak in warm water before use. But every Sunday (that is when I do my weekly treatments) I rub some in my hands and smooth in my hair from about my ears down to my roots. I put my hair in a bun and sleep in it until morning. I then shampoo it out. This is AMAZING! I love it! Feels so good in my hair and I like the idea of leaving it in over night because I actually feel like my hair is being treated!

My fourth and final switch up has been on my facial mask/masque. I do a facial mask about once a week as well. Along with my hair treatment I do a facial treatment (it's like going to the spa in your own home!!!)
I used to use my Proactiv Refining Mask as a full coverage facial mask.
I still use this mask, but I use it now only as a spot treatment when needed.
For my weekly facial masque I use the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque and Oh My Goodness...this is the best!
One, this is waaaaaayyyyyy cheaper than Proactiv, two it smells JUST LIKE MINT, and three it feels GREAT on your face! This will probably be back in my June Favorites blog post at the end of the month...I love it that much! I found this at Walgreens.

Soooo those are some of the products I have switched up in my routine! I am overall really happy about the switches I've made, however I also did my research prior to switching to some of these products. The only real impulse switch up was the face cream makeup remover. Hopefully these products gave you an idea of something you might want to try or switch up yourselves. Remember to let your skin/face adjust to the product for a few weeks before really liking or dismissing a product. It takes a bit for your skin to become used to them.

I have gotten a few questions already so I'm sure that I will start the Wine Chat Wednesday blog posts next month. I will post them in them in the evenings! Send your questions to me!

Have a GREAT rest of your day! God Bless!

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