Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Photo Dump and a Chat!

Another week!!! Time flies and it is almost time to head to New York! This week is going to be full of packing and prepping to leave. Joey and I had some fun this weekend and actually took many pictures during our adventures out and about. Soooo I thought I would share...

Earlier in the weekend festivities we found these new Twizzlers! (well I should say new to us)
These are sooo addicting!

It also rained a lot here :(  No beach for us this weekend...we have been having thunder and lightning storms all week pretty much and the weekend was no exception.

Joey and I went to a neighborhood market and picked up a few things. I found these juice buddies and they are all natural 100% juice. They were a bit thick for Joey's taste but I LOVED THEM!
I stand corrected...they are called Buddy Fruits! 

We also picked up a new member of the family! We named him Phil.
This toy was too amazing to pass up for Rebel! It makes the funniest pig noises and is made of really soft plastic like material (I don't know the technical name for it).
Rebel went CRAZY over this toy! I wish I had some video footage for you all to watch but we took some fun pictures of him playing with it!

And then sleeping with Phil...
Phil is the new hit in the apartment :)

Joey saw a snapping turtle out the window and decided to go take pictures of it...sooo ugly and gross!


Did some working on my business plan with a nice cup of Chai Tea (my new favorite) and had an overall successful on to a successful week ahead!

Told you all it was a major picture dump :) So I have been getting a few questions on some of my postings either via comments or emails (and you can email or contact me via the email in the contact me page) and I am more than happy to answer these questions for you. I was thinking of doing a 'Wine Chat Wednesday' where I have a glass of wine and share with you what I'm having and also have a chat about any questions that have come in. I am thinking about doing this twice a month and it will answer all questions lifestyle, beauty, hair, products, you name it!!!!...I'm not 100% sure yet.... (hmmmmm)
Let me know your thoughts :)

Happy Monday!

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