Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy Summer and Conditioner Trials!

So this month has been a crazy month! Last week I got home from Mississippi for our engagement party :) We had so much fun! It was so great to meet some of the people Joey grew up with, more of his (soon to be mine as well) family, and  shove our faces full of food that I will NEVER be able to cook. I have to say that while I enjoy cooking and baking, and THINK that I'm decent enough to serve it people... I will never be as good as Joey's mom! Maybe nope... not even maybe.

We also picked up our NEW car! Well new to us... it is not a brand new car but I'm excited because I have always wanted a BMW :))  I took some pictures but OF COURSE can't find them on my phone soooo like any "good" social media user, I took screen shots of my Instagram pictures (clever...I know)
P.S. Y'all need to follow me on Instagram! I'm obsessed with it :) @youngnasawife hhheeeyyyyyy!

Soooo, as I mentioned,or maybe didn't. I have been busy trying to get everything under control here so I have not been blogging that much. *Tear*
BUT I am on a conditioner quest! (yeaaaa I know.. I'm always on a quest...kinda feel like Don Q)
I have been trying to find a good conditioner for my hair that is very natural. No Sulfates. No Parabens.
I have gotten the question from some people... 'why don't you just use the matching conditioner to your shampoo?'
GREAT question! I'll tell you why. The shampoo that I use (as I have said many times over) is called Pureology and is expensive. Not outrageous but let's be honest here $40 for a not-so-big bottle... yeeeeaaa expensive. So I buy that shampoo because my hair loves it AND because the shampoo last 3X as long as conditioner does for me. I don't shampoo my hair everyday. I usually go every 3 days. However, I DO use conditioner everyday, plus I have thick hair, plus curly hair, AND PLUS my hair naturally snarls. Soooo therefore I go through conditioner that much faster, and I just can't justify spending that much on a conditioner when I fly through the bottle in a week.
There are so many great alternatives out there.

I told you about the Giovanni conditioner I used before so I won't go into crazy detail.
I liked it. Very silky feeling! All natural which is what I was looking for buuuuttt I had to use like 5 squirts of it for my hair. Something about the formula and my hair didn't take well. I used this bottle really fast and I didn't see AMAZING results to buy it again. I was on to try something else.
Giovanni Hair Care - Conditioner Smooth As Silk, 8.5 fl oz liquid

So the next conditioner that I have been using (and I'm still finishing this up) is the Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Conditioner.
This has, as you can see read in the picture, coconut oil, keratin proteins, avocado oil, and cocoa butter. All good stuff! The smell is basically coconut to me, but I don't notice it when I get out of the shower :( Doesn't have a long lasting scent. Which if it does the job I won't complain but the scent is nice to have. I bought this because it really emphasized the keratin proteins smoothing and strengthening curly or wavy hair. It did an O.K. job. I really wish I LOVED this conditioner because it has everything going for it... all natural, the packaging is Eco-friendly and recycled (even the labels are made from renewable resource corn, not petrochemicals) AND made in the USA! I might buy this again, but I still want to keep trying some other products.
Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Defrizzant Conditioner, 13 Ounce

So the final conditioner that I bought just yesterday (because I'm almost out of the one above) is Simply U.
I have NEVER heard of this brand before, but it caught my eye in the drugstore because it had one of those tags around the neck of the bottle that advertised NO SULFATES and NO PARABENS.
Had to look! It has no sulfates or parabens and has vitamins and antioxidents in it.
The packaging is simple but it is a really GOOD size. 25 oz and the cost was about $6. Compared to the Organix which is about $7 for 13 oz.
I have only used it a few times so I can't say "much" about it... ONLY that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell!
It has that floral/citrus smell to it, which is my favorite scent for the summer time.
SIMPLY U Website

Do y'all have any recommendations for good natural conditioners? I would love to hear what you use!


  1. Hey Dear, Its Alexis! I found your blog through your instagram and I love it! Actually your blog and my sisters have inspired me to give the blogging world one more try! I miss you!

    1. Hey! Glad you found it :)) You should start blogging again :) For me it is down time and a way to blab about all the things that I enjoy. Let me know when you start blogging again... I would love to read! Miss you too!

  2. I've started! LifebyLexis.blogspot.com!

    1. yay! I'm going to check it out! Would you be interested in doing a guest blog post on my blog? That way we get some traffic to your blog too! :)) Let me know!