Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Makeup Must-Haves :)

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I have been getting ready for our trip this week so this blog post is up a little later than I wanted.

As summer is here, and in full force, many people across the country are experiencing the heat and summer conditions; so I wanted to share some of my summer makeup must haves! Now I have included some dupes that I have or alternatives in my collection to some of the pricey items.

So first thing on my list is foundation. Yes I is an all year round thing...BUT having a foundation that is a bit darker for the summer time from being out at the pool or beach is a MUST HAVE.
So the L'Oreal foundation is my everyday, usually year round foundation...but I have been at the pool lately and gotten just a tad more color on my face. I can get away with the L'Oreal foundation, but I have found a better match in the Maybelline FIT me foundation.  This I have in my collection for when I'm a bit darker :)

Second summer must-have is eye primer! With the heat and humidity during the summer makeup can have a hard time staying put on your face, especially your eye makeup. Summer elements just tend to wear at it! SOOO use a primer. This will help your eyeshadow stay longer and keep from creasing from sweat or humidity.
I really like the Too Faced shadow insurance but it is about $20. If you don't normally use primer and really only need it for the summer months then I recommend the e.l.f primer. I have the stick form that came with the dual sided seal. This works as a pretty good base. 

Third summer must have is bronzer. Yes, yes, yes! We are all outside getting some color so why not own it and have a bronzer that will accent that :)  I have found the best matte bronzer. I prefer matte bronzers because they are the best for contouring the face AND don't have all that shimmer (I get the shimmer from my highlight).
NYC's  Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder is BY FAR the best MATTE Bronzer I have ever used! That is saying a ton! This is in the color Sunny. For the price this little guy gets the work done!

Fourth summer must-have, a setting powder. This will help your foundation and concealer stay put during the heat and humidity.
The MAC Skinfinish Natural is my favorite. There are many setting powders that will work.

Fifth is a nourishing lip balm.
One of my favorites!

And finally, for fun... some colorful eyeshadow to play with!

Keep enjoying your summer and stay cool!

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