Monday, August 6, 2012


Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a great weekend! Joey and I had a great one!
Friday night we went to listen to some music and had some dinner at Panera bread.... reminds me of college with my roommates. We LOVED Panera, especially in the winter time!
After that we walked over to the theater to see the Batman movie! Sooo good. Very long...makes me think we got out monies worth.
Saturday we cleaned the bimmer all day. It needed a good rub down.
After working in the sun all day we decided it was date night at Mimi's Cafe. Joey and I had a gift card from my parents as part of our engagement present so we thought it was the perfect time to use it :)
Score on this adorable maxi dress from Ross! Very Nautical :))))
  Had a salad at Mimi's! Blue Cheese and Walnut (I think that is the name)
What a GREAT weekend!!!
What did y'all do?!

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