Monday, August 13, 2012

Hair Time! Curlers!

As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, I have been doing some experiments with curlers. 
Good question! For those beach like curls of course :)

I like my tight curls don't get me wrong, however at times it is nice to switch things up so I have started trying curlers. They really save time while getting ready in the morning because you can plug in, curl, and do other things while they set.
I purchased the Conair More Big Curls curlers. I like these because it has about 12 curlers that are all the same size and are larger for those Victoria Secret curls.
Good size for the bathroom counter!
Nice big curler for beach curls.
I also really liked this set for clips. They came with two types. The metal pins (which are not my favorite) but also they came with 6 (not enough for all the curlers) of the plastic clips.
 If you can, get a set of curlers that works for you and that has the plastic clips. It holds the hair much better!

So how do I curl my hair?
To start after I wash my hair (curlers hold better on clean hair, not second day hair) I put a small size of my coconut oil throughout my hair then let air dry for a bit. I finish the drying with a blow dryer.
While I am blow drying my hair I have my curlers plugged in. They take about 10 minutes to fully heat up.
Then I start curling :)
You want to take your hair in section starting with the top of your head and work your way down. I typically only do the top half of my hair with curlers then do some curls with a curling iron on the bottom for extra dimension.
Start with a piece of hair the width of the curler (the heated part).
About this width.
Start at the top of the hair and roll into your head, away from your forehead. This is give you curls outward.

Roll all the way down then clip with a clip. Repeat for about three curlers on the top of your head going back. You can then place the remaining curlers on the sides.
Remember to always curl in toward your head.
After your curlers are sitting on your head, leave in for about 10 minutes. I leave a bit longer because I have thick hair and want the extra time so that my curls hold all day.
While I'm waiting for my curls to set, I take my curling iron and do the lower hair of my hair. 
(well really the lower third of my head)
Use a heat protector.
After the curls are down on the bottom, I spray with my favorite hair spray at the moment.
Take down the curlers on your head and go through them with fingers to loosen and place where you want them to fall.
Spray again :)
Happy Curling :)))

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  1. Very cute look!! I've been itching to try curlers but I think my hair is WAY too long....

  2. Hey there! I found your blog thanks to a recommendation from Lex.

    I have enjoyed reading through your blog a lot! You seem very knowledgable about hair and makeup. Both are areas I struggle with!

    I would love to learn how to curl my hair, or just do my hair better in general. I have three ways of doing my hair and that's about it sadly. I'm with Lex on this one, I think my hair is way too long for curlers... :(

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have seen and had a few people with longer hair reach out to me and say they love using curlers. There is a beauty girl on YouTube who has pretty long hair and she did a tutorial on curling hair. Here is the link:
    If you get a change check it out. Sometimes it all has to do with the type of curlers you buy :))