Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mid-August Already!

Where has the time gone? (seriously) Where has it gone!?!? 
I can not believe how fast the days fly by. 
Has anyone else looked as the calendar and wonder how we got to August 21st already?
I did this today as I was prepping my to-do list and many other things in my Filofax
I just couldn't believe how fast the month has gone.

It got me thinking about how fast this year has gone thus far and how fast time has gone since Joey and I got engaged. The wedding will be here before I know it!
THAT, that statement right there freaks me out! There is still so much to do! :((
I try to tell myself I still have lots of time (NOT!!!)....it is running out!

Okay I guess that is enough of a rant...but I can't be the only one who feels this way... can I?
The days have been recently blurred together because Joey went into work Saturday and Sunday :( He has been working so hard. I am supposed to pick up some work this week but haven't heard much of anything from them so once again I have that anxious feeling...
I really try to resolve to the fact that it is all in God's hands but alas... I'm only human.

I have been nothing but a busy bee running about these two days so far this week. (did that even make sense?) Needless to say, the past two days have been busy. I have been doing laundry and ironing anticipating that I would be working Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but since I have not heard anything I guess I'm just caught up :) I had a few returns to make yesterday so that meant running around and then today I picked up groceries and a few other things I needed. I just feel like everything has been non-stop.

Well I guess I will end the rant here... thanks for your patience reading through this.
Has time been flying for all of y'all?
God Bless!


  1. This may be a dumb comment but whats a Filofax? What day is your wedding?!

    1. Hey! Sorry it has taken me a bit to answer this :( A Filofax is a brand name for a planner--to organize your daily life. BUT it is like a super planner :) You should check out their website! And my wedding is April 27th of next year!!! Will be here before I know it :)