Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More Blogust!

I went for a walk with Rebel today! He was tuckered out! Aren't we all :)) I felt good about the walk today and then to ruin it I made some lemon pound cake to top with the strawberries I got at Super Target the other day....
Well at least Rebel had a good walk!
Blurry picture I know :((( BUT LOOK AT THE TONGUE!

So speaking of Target I went there the other day to glance around... I didn't get much but I DID find a bag on clearance! GOT TO LOVE Target's clearance. I had been looking for a cross body bag more for the Fall and Winter seasons and found a good sized mustard colored one. It fits me right on the hip which is where I want it to fall. I had been looking for a cross body for awhile (I have not always been a fan of them) but when I decided to jump on board the bandwagon I couldn't find one that I liked for a good price. (Mainly because I WAS NOT going to spend $50 on a cross body bag that may, or may not, be in style next summer) Sooooo I guess I will show you my bagggggg now after that long introduction...
Perfect length!
Perfect Size!
OOO and perfect price! $8 :))) SCORE for ME!

I always happen into the baby section of Target especially when I'm going through my phase of wanting babies...(yes I have phases)
Kinda in love! They have some really cute things at Target!

Today I did work and chores :( BUT then also went to Ulta to get curlers. (Yes... like old fashioned rollers...don't judge) They were on sale... plus I had a coupon so it was justified, but in all reality I have been playing with some different hairstyles lately and I needed to get some curlers. I will have a blog post coming soon to review the ones I got and to show a quick tutorial on how I use them... (for that one person who cares...)

I made Salsa Chicken for dinner... YUMMMMMY! I will have to post the recipe sometime because it was a big hit with Joey (figures) :)

Well I hope everyone had a happy Wednesday!


  1. cute bag and I'm that one person who cares about the curler tutorial! :) Have a great one!

  2. YAY! I am going to do it soon :))) lots of fun!

  3. Love the bag! My sister got me a cross body bag for graduation-- Vera Bradley and I love it!