Friday, August 3, 2012


Often I dig through my makeup drawer and find something I have not used in awhile!
Today was that day.
I rediscovered some small eye shadows that I had ordered off eBay awhile ago. I spent a total of $1 for these eye shadows. I GOT SIX!
They are called Eyemei. They are very small, small eye shadows but they are seriously AMAZING! (for $1)
They don't have names, they are just labeled by number.
I can honestly say that when I first got them I was sad and disappointed. I thought these can't work, look how powdery. But the finely milled pigments are GREAT!
I just put a bit of the shadow in the top lid shown here. You barely need any product on your brush. I take a small lid eye shadow brush and take a small amount to pat on my lid.
These pigments work great with my Too Faced eye shadow primer and any other shadows you layer on your lid as well!

These were a GREAT find on eBay!
Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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  1. wow they're bright!! I'm so conservative with my makeup.. very neutral-- also i don't really know how to do makeup so thats also another reason..