Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall is Here!

Sooo in my mind October means that Fall is officially here! In all reality being in Florida just means that it is "supposed to be fall" doesn't actually feel like fall.
IT IS STILL LIKE 88 degrees out!!!

Needless to say just because the temperature outside is still annoyingly HOT, doesn't mean that I have not made my little apartment as "Fall like" as possible.

This pumpkin has been in my collection for TWO whole years now! Adds some Fall festivity to my living room :)
One of my most recent purchases and if you follow me on Instagram I think I posted a picture of this already... I got this cute bronze colored leaf dish at Kirklands and just love to fill it with tasty Halloween treats!
This mini-pumpkin was a gift from my mom when she was down in Florida to visit!! Thanks Mom!
I switched out my flowers on my kitchen table for this fall! I usually keep a sunflower in this vase on my table but I added some fall colored flowers and more mini pumpkins :)
Have my Pumpkin Ice Cube Tray out and ready to use!!!
And wouldn't be fall without some fall scented candles in and around my apartment! I just went through a Harvest Berry candle and now I'm on to my Mulled Cider candle. These are affordable candles from Walmart that I want to use up before I use BBW candles! What is your favorite candle scent for the fall?

I hope everyone is getting excited for the Fall season!!! I would love to see what you are decorating with this fall!

God Bless ;)


  1. Very cute and homey! I like pumpkin spice candles. And I have my house decorated for Fall, as you know I always do. It's my favorite time of year!!! Gotta decorate the patio for this Saturday's Harvest celebration we are having. Happy Fall honey!

  2. One of my favorite fall scents for candles is from Yankee Candle - Pumpkin Buttercream! Another favorite is Harvest, also from Yankee Candle.