Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas DECOR and MORE!

So it is the day after Thanksgiving. Yep. After I went out and about to look around at some "not so great" Black Friday deals, I came back to transform my apartment from Fall to Christmas! 
Thought I would share some of my small decorating skills...
First I took my Fall themed quilt off and replaced it with my (new) snowflake one. I always have a quilt or shame or some sort at the end of my bed. I change them out with the seasons and holidays.
Changed my bathroom tissues :)
Decorative box...
 I had just finished my "Be Thankful" Yankee Candle last night. It was a fitting way to end Thanksgiving :)
Now on to Peppermint Bark!
I washed/changed my Fall Kitchen and Bathroom hand towels and replaced them with there two :) The brown goes in my bathroom and the white belongs in the kitchen.
I changed out my coffee table center piece :) You will also notice some red bulb ornaments around as well. These are placed around the apartment at random.
I have several other small decorations but I just wanted to give you a taste of the holiday season in my apartment :)

Lastly, what would be complete without the Christmas tree...
 Have you all started decorating for Christmas (or the holidays)?