Friday, January 25, 2013

Moving Over!

It is hard to believe that this move I had stressed about for many weeks is practically over!
There are still many things to be accomplished such as; hanging up photos, placing pictures, and the guest rooms/bathroom to attend to. However, all in all it was a very successful move.

One of the first items I had to set up was my kitchen. I hate having a disheveled kitchen with things all out of sorts. It MADE my night when I was able to finally put my Keurig out.
It's the little things :)

The best part about this place is that I finally have a dryer back. Awhile ago I think I mentioned that  I could not use my dryer in the apartment I was in because it used gas. I had (like most people) an electric dryer. Sooo I had learned the precise timing needed in order to wash, hang dry, and then iron. I was always doing laundry before. 
I am so happy that this new condo takes my electric dryer and therefore I can go back to my once a week laundry day. Which is Wednesday by the way...

So while it has been busy this past week and full of cleaning, moving, and unpacking, it feels good to be settling in. There are a few things that look a little older than I would have liked (the kitchen counters) but I'm glad to finally have more space and be rid of storage.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! Have an amazing weekend :)

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