Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Disney Cures Headache?

It seems that I have had a headache for two days straight. It is the kind that starts in the back of your head and pulls straight though your temples; then streams right on down to the back of your neck along the outer bit of the shoulders. I like to think of it as my "shhneck".

I haven't felt much like working or crafting on the wedding things (that really needs to be done). When I move or stand up my head just pounds. I have officially resorted to the couch and the heating pad on my head.

This might sound like a complaining post, however I have had some time to relax, read, and the best part watch some older Disney movies. Something about Disney movies when I'm sick. They are like a miracle. It must be from my younger days when we would come home from school sick. My mom would get us a nice big water bottle of juice, bring our pillows down along with a comfortable blanket to lay on the couch. We would watch movies and eat ice cream (if our throat hurt). Sounds like the life when your sick!

Well sitting here, after reading some, listening to Dave Ramsey some, and thinking about the wedding things I need to accomplish before I leave, I decided to look through Netflix in the kids section. I found Pocahontas. Now I own a few good Disney movies, but  never seemed to get my hands on a Pocahontas DVD. And while my favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid, I can't help but LOVE LOVE LOVE Pocahontas. 
On the couch, Pocahontas on TV, water in my bottle, and Rebel on my lap I started to notices my headache getting a bit lighter. Still there, but just dulled by the sense of happiness and comfort. Kinda like the same comfort I had as a young girl when I felt taken care of by my mom when under the weather.

It is more of a mental deception, but it feels good to put good 'ole Disney on and to 'sing with all the voices of the mountain' and 'paint with all the colors of the wind' (queue happiness).

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Top 3 Things I Want to Try: THIS YEAR!

I think every person has some goals they want to accomplish this year. Maybe you made a list of resolutions before this new 2013 year. Or you might have even just written a few prospects on a napkin while out to eat in January. Either way we all have goals or to-dos that we want to explore and check off our list this year.

This is the same for me. I wrote down a lengthy goals list that had several different categories: health, marriage, family, career, and fun all that encompass goals that I have for this year.
Looking over my list I thought I would share my top three "fun" goals that I would like to do or try this year. The reason behind the fun goals is because that is what I like to hear about the most from people. Granted, I am very happy to hear that people want to start a family, get married, buy a house, so on and so forth...however I think it is fun to hear about the random things people want to cross off their bucket list.

Top 3 Things to Try This Year

1. Camping: Okay. I have been camping. This is not new for me. However, the last time I was actually camping was when I was 13 with my family. I hated it. I'm pretty sure I enjoyed the time with my family and riding bikes around the camping facility with my sister but over all I hate bugs, itchy plants, and showering some place that I have to walk outside to. So why you may ask do I want to go camping? Well I'm not really sure. Joey and I have been watching several survival shows (Les Stroub and I Shouldn't Be Alive) and it has really sparked our Joey's interest. These shows make me want to try camping again and really get outdoors enough to build some tougher skin. (I think I'm crazy)

2. Cooking Class: I like to think I'm a good cook. Actually, I take that back, I AM a good cook. I love to cook and bake. Any time I can get my hands on a new recipe or cook book there I am trying that recipe or picking out the best ones in the book. Even though I love to cook new things, the more I dive into different cuisines (want to dive into different cuisines) I find I don't fully understand some of the techniques to use. There are so many ways to cook, broil, bake, pan-sear, poach, roast, braise, grill, saute etc. I would love to take a class to help teach me the art of cooking on a larger scale.

3. Try More Makeup: This is sad. I have too much makeup as it is. However I love to try new products. This 2013 year is supposed to be an AMAZING one for new makeup products (drugstore and high end) in addition to their seasonal new lines. I really would like to try more products and have more reviews for you all. It is so much fun to play in makeup and I love also trying what my readers recommend along with other beauty bloggers.

These are simply a glimpse into my goals for this year in my fun category. Like I said, I have plenty more in store for this year but who can resist a bit of sharing.

I want to know what your goals are for this year! Goals for fun or in other categories :)

I hope and pray you all are able to accomplish them!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wedding 'SNEAK PEEK': Invitation Journey

Good Morning! What a nice weekend I had running around like a crazy person trying to get these invitations done, finished, off, and in the mail!
Honestly for some reason I did not think that doing our own invitations would take the time it did. Especially because we decided to keep it simple. 
How did I arrive at the conclusion that designing, creating, and making our own invitations was the right idea? Well... let me tell you! Awhile back, a few months after we got engaged and the hype of emotions about having a ring on my finger wore off, I finally got into the planning groove. I purchased numerous wedding books, magazines, and check lists.
Because I am a perfectionist, I decided that none of the check lists were detailed enough and I went ahead and made my own (post-wedding blog to come). Amongst that long list of to-dos were the Save-The-Dates. In case you are unsure of the reason behind save-the-dates I have easily explained it.
 They say that about 8 months prior to the date of your wedding you should send save-the-dates to let future invited guests know that they will eventually be a guest at your wedding on said date.
Well I looked around...and around...then around again; and after a search that could find Jimmy Hoffa I finally settled on our save-the-date.
I liked it-don't get me wrong, but it seriously took me awhile to find something that I even liked, that had my style embedded in it, and that I thought was good quality.
So with the save-the-date journey in mind I spent several months searching for the perfect invitation. I changed my mind every other day with the design and format that I wanted for my invites. It was starting to get frustrating to find what I liked, great quality, and for a decent price.
 I had done some looking at the average cost of invitations for a couple. One statistic I found was The Bridal Association of America estimates that couples on average spend $659 on wedding invitations and reply cards. This did not include postage. For me, every quote I got was over $1000 for my invitations and I'M NOT EVEN HAVING A BIG WEDDING!
Finally...I hit it.
The breaking point!
I officially had it with paper, stationary, designers, and research. I had right then decided I was making my own. I would have the size I wanted, the color, the design, quality, and the final packaged invite set up exactly how I WANTED IT! Sound bridezilla-ish?
Little did I know that the journey to make your own invitation would take 10x the effort then just purchasing it all done. So here are a few of the steps I took. I realize this is long so feel free to skip this craziness. (This is not a joke. This is an actual timeline of events):

Figure out size of invitation.
Figure out information card.
Figure out what to put on information card.
Figure out RSVP card size.
Figure out why there is an M on the RSVP card.
Get the right paper size for invitation on publisher.
Wait for Joey to figure out the right size for invitation on publisher.
Finally got the right size to start designing.
Figure out font for invitation.
Figure out there should be a different font for our names.
Test the wording of the invitation.
Change the wording on the invitation.
Change the wording on the invitation.
Correctly space the wording on the invitation.
Change the wording on the invitation.
Change the font on the invitation again...looks stupid.
Place the wedding monogram on the invitation.
Start the RSVP card.
Start the additional info card.
Change the font on both those cards because it doesn't match the invitation.
Go home for Christmas.
Show invitation, RSVP, and Info. card to sister Dei.
Watch Dei's face lie about how it looks ooookkkkayyyy.
Listen to the Graphic Designer (Dei) tell me what to change.
Come home to Florida.
Change entire invitation.
Change font on all pieces of invitation.
Yell at Joey for not helping.
Huge Joey for fixing my mistakes.
Finally get the design for invitation.
Finally get the design for additional info. card.
Finally get the design for the RSVP card.
Have Joey figure out how to put on all one sheet of paper.
Start to shop for paper.
Check one store.
Check another store.
Ten stores later finally pick out the paper.
Pick out paper for backing.
Price out the printing.
Go to print but the printer is down.
Go to another store to print.
Spend an hour making sure the invitation will print correctly.
Make sure everything is correct.
Print all our invitations.
Need to cut the all the pieces out.
Convince Joey to go and buy a cutter so we can do it at home.
Try to cut with cheap cutter we bought.
Not working.
Try again.
Mess up some invitations.
Joey goes to store to use big professional cutter like he wanted to do in first place.
Finally finished with the cutting.
Adhere the backs to the invitations.
Go to post office for RSVP card stamps.
Buy 46 cent stamps because they are out of post card ones (for like a month).
Put invitations together.
Realize we got the wrong sized envelopes.
Take envelopes back.
Stumble across perfect envelopes where we never thought we would.
Address Envelopes (Joey)
Stuff envelopes.
Stamp envelopes.
Mail envelopes.

Yessss...that really happened. Now that may seem a bit obsessive to write all of that out just now, but I really wanted to give you a taste of what we went through with these invitations.
That all aside...I LOVE THEM! I wouldn't change all that we went though (which is about normal) for anything. Joey and I both think the invites we designed, printed, cut, and put together turned out much better than we could have hoped. We hope all our guests will be just as thrilled when they get our invitation. We got the simple invitation we wanted with the right design, and put it together just like I envisioned. 
And...without further rambling...
I love how we did different colored envelopes :)
Ready to go!
 Being mailed :)

In a few days I will post a 'SNEAK PEEK' of the actual invitation on Instagram (@youngnasawife). I want to give the invites some time to get to our guests so they don't see their invitation before opening it.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow! Another Valentine's Day has come! I still remember when I was young waking up to heart shaped candy boxes at our kitchen table seats, a Valentine's Day t-shirt draped over our chairs, and a loving card from Mom and Dad.
O...how I miss those days! But on to the better days when I get to celebrate it with the love of my life, fiance', and soon to be husband.

Joey and I celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday because he has to work late tonight. It all worked out well because honestly today is just a gloomy, gross day here in Florida. As a side note, whenever it is gloomy here in Florida is just looks that much more grey. Especially when we have had nothing but sunlight since we came back home in January.

Anyway, Joey and I celebrate Valentine's Day... but in our own way. We started the tradition of staying in last year as a way to avoid the hustle and bustle, the 2 hour restaurant wait times, and the having to make reservations to eat somewhere problems. So we decided to cook. And instead of cooking steaks or some fancy lobster dish we resorted to homemade pizza. We are both crazy about pizza and we thought making our own together would be a fun way to spend Valentine's Day.
WE WERE RIGHT! (surprise!)

Well just like last year we repeated the tradition. I had picked up three packages of pizza crust to make three different types of pizzas (we like some variety). So I made a pepperoni pizza, a buffalo chicken pizza, and then my favorite, onion pizza dippers (remind me to share the recipe sometime -DELICIOUS).

This Valentine's Day I also made a special treat for Joey and had a fun game waiting for him when he got home. I wrote several clues hidden around the condo all with rhyming poems that told why I love him and I hint to the next clue. I did a grand total of five clues that lead to some heart shaped cut-out cookies. He loved it! (mainly because he got cookies out of it). I also had made some heart shaped jello jiggles (seriously who makes those anymore?).
Needless to say I think it went well; even if he was a bit confused when I gave him the first clue.

I hope everyone has a GREAT Valentine's Day and remember that God's love is the greatest of all. The greatest gift He has given is His Son to die for you and me. What love that is!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Little Bit of Toner!

I woke up this morning and realized that my blog post from yesterday did not go up.
Very Sad :(
So hence the following post...

I have been meaning to share this product with you all because I really, really like. I feel like often this product is over looked as a simple step in a getting ready routine.
Yep, that's right! Toner. Often you hear beauty bloggers, women, and/or "people" talk about facial cleansers, exfoliating scrubs, face masks, so on and so forth. There is nothing wrong with those products and they are definitely very important when dealing with healthy skin.
Many people aren't exactly what toner does. Users tend to get confused with the term"age" (termage...not a word)  between toner, astringents, fresheners, etc.
Well hopefully I can shed some light on the subject because I was once confused and just as lost as you are.
Traditional Toners typically consist of moisturizers and oils that help soothe your skin. When you are dealing with astringents they are more alcohol based and are meant to tighten the skin and pores. And finally, fresheners are kind of along the same lines are astringents in their purpose, however; fresheners are made up of caffeine and tea instead of alcohol.
So why does this matter?
Well it matters because you really have to gauge your face and what your skin really needs in terms of products.

How to Use a Toner:
So you will first want to start by washing your face with a cleanser. Like I mentioned above this cleanser should work with your particular skin type, so you will want to pay attention to whether your skin is dry, oily, or a combo of both.
Use a towel that's soft and clean to dry your face (pat dry). I like to switch my towels every other day to keep from bacteria thriving on the towel.
Next, I use cotton rounds, but you could use cotton balls or facial tissues to apply your toner. Start by applying the toner across your t-zone (forehead and nose). These tend to be the oiliest. You can then also apply to your cheeks and other oily areas. Try to stay away from dry areas (for me that is right underneath my eyes) especially if you choose an alcohol-based astringent.
Let your skin dry and then go ahead and apply a moisturizer.

Sounds simply enough right? It is, and can really make your routine feel a bit more spa like:)
I really like this Organic Face Rosewater Toner by Boots (www.boots.com)
You can purchase it on Amazon as well.

The smell of this toner is romantic. Such a luxery feel to this product and I really recommend you give it a try.

I hope you all are enjoying your week so far and remember to treat yourself to a spa day :)

*Some research from http://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/beauty/skin-toner2.htm*

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Schedule...Why Not?

So typically with this blog I have posted whenever I pretty much feel like it. And while that works there have been times where I have gone without blogging for a few weeks. When this happens I usually get a few emails or tweets about my blog posts.

While trying to get back into blogging I have decided that there is just not enough time in a day for me to blog everyday, all week...(you get the point).

Soooo I have decided to blog on a schedule. Crazy... yes  I know! I think I'm going to start off blogging every Tuesday and Thursday out of the week. If I tend to have more content for several consistent weeks and feel that I need three days out of the week then I will switch to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However, for now I think I'm going to stick to Tuesdays and Thursdays. This way all my readers will know when my blog posts are going to be up and they can expect them at the same time.

Okay, that being said...here is where I throw a wrench in it (because I can never keep it simple). I would like to have 3 wild cards a month. These three wild cards will allow me to post on a non-Tuesday or Thursday. Sometimes I just want to share something with you :)

This is my plan and I'm sticking to it. Until I don't.

Love you all!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Excitement in the Air! [my thoughts entered here]

I think that as our wedding gets closer the emotions that surround me become more intense. I think I am starting to stress beyond my normal stress point, which is high, and on top of that the butterflies that invade my stomach have gotten so much more prevalent.
I really am SOOO excited, but it seems like the remaining To-Dos on my list won't ever get accomplished.

Our invitations are set supposed to go out next week but there are so many elements that I'm missing. I have to admit that I'm a perfectionist (surprise!) so every time I go over the invitation or something related to getting them out I find a flaw. I'm just itching to get these things outta heeerrreeee!

Most recently on my Instagram (@youngnasawife) I posted a sneak peak of some of my wedding crafting. I have been one of those brides that likes to keep things secret for fear of criticism. And even getting a pep talk from my best friends it still posed to be an issue. However, as these craaaaazzzy emotions start to take over I can't help but share. Now of course they won't be too much, in fact that was the first sneak peak and there probably won't be many more. A few here and there as we get closer, but for sure when I get photos back from the big day I will do a blog post with them.

The other interesting excitement factor has to do with my blog itself. My blog for over a year now has had the name A Young [ Soon-to-be] NASA Housewife....this is going to change. When I get married it will no longer be a soon-to-be thing...it will have been done. The name will change to A Young NASA Wife. It's all very exciting...I think that is why I'm currently rambling along in this blog post. (goes back to the emotions people)

I think I just wanted to let you all know that I am excited and I can't post it enough. I am so excited for my name change and to finally be a Mrs.
 I have been doing many hair trials and makeup trials out the door and can't seem to get everything right...the makeup is coming better and I picked out most of the colors and products that I will be using for the big day. Mostly of which are neutral because I'm not a crazy color makeup person as it is. I know this was requested, so after the wedding I will be sharing the products I used and how I felt they held up on the BIG day.

Well that seems to be the run out of my thoughts at the moment. Let me know if you are getting married and have a wave of emotions. Or if you already had your big day what did you do to get by the emotional traps? Even maybe just a big, life changing event. I'm sure the readers here would love to see some other stories (not just mine).

Love you all!

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Rebelious Rebel.

Okayyyyy I need some guidance!
Ever since I moved Rebel has been a little menace... he hasn't completely gone off the deep end but he just isn't listening to me! Or Joey for that matter!
I know that will take some time to get used to the new condo but I didn't like that would just nix his ability to listen to me.

He has been cuddly most of the time, but when it comes to coming when he is called or going 'night night' in his create he just won't listen. I wonder if he is rebelling against me?! Maybe he is mad that we moved, or was taken out of his element?
I was hoping for little guidance in this dog trouble we seem to be having.
Any thoughts?