Friday, February 8, 2013

A Schedule...Why Not?

So typically with this blog I have posted whenever I pretty much feel like it. And while that works there have been times where I have gone without blogging for a few weeks. When this happens I usually get a few emails or tweets about my blog posts.

While trying to get back into blogging I have decided that there is just not enough time in a day for me to blog everyday, all week...(you get the point).

Soooo I have decided to blog on a schedule. Crazy... yes  I know! I think I'm going to start off blogging every Tuesday and Thursday out of the week. If I tend to have more content for several consistent weeks and feel that I need three days out of the week then I will switch to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However, for now I think I'm going to stick to Tuesdays and Thursdays. This way all my readers will know when my blog posts are going to be up and they can expect them at the same time.

Okay, that being is where I throw a wrench in it (because I can never keep it simple). I would like to have 3 wild cards a month. These three wild cards will allow me to post on a non-Tuesday or Thursday. Sometimes I just want to share something with you :)

This is my plan and I'm sticking to it. Until I don't.

Love you all!

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