Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Disney Cures Headache?

It seems that I have had a headache for two days straight. It is the kind that starts in the back of your head and pulls straight though your temples; then streams right on down to the back of your neck along the outer bit of the shoulders. I like to think of it as my "shhneck".

I haven't felt much like working or crafting on the wedding things (that really needs to be done). When I move or stand up my head just pounds. I have officially resorted to the couch and the heating pad on my head.

This might sound like a complaining post, however I have had some time to relax, read, and the best part watch some older Disney movies. Something about Disney movies when I'm sick. They are like a miracle. It must be from my younger days when we would come home from school sick. My mom would get us a nice big water bottle of juice, bring our pillows down along with a comfortable blanket to lay on the couch. We would watch movies and eat ice cream (if our throat hurt). Sounds like the life when your sick!

Well sitting here, after reading some, listening to Dave Ramsey some, and thinking about the wedding things I need to accomplish before I leave, I decided to look through Netflix in the kids section. I found Pocahontas. Now I own a few good Disney movies, but  never seemed to get my hands on a Pocahontas DVD. And while my favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid, I can't help but LOVE LOVE LOVE Pocahontas. 
On the couch, Pocahontas on TV, water in my bottle, and Rebel on my lap I started to notices my headache getting a bit lighter. Still there, but just dulled by the sense of happiness and comfort. Kinda like the same comfort I had as a young girl when I felt taken care of by my mom when under the weather.

It is more of a mental deception, but it feels good to put good 'ole Disney on and to 'sing with all the voices of the mountain' and 'paint with all the colors of the wind' (queue happiness).

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