Thursday, February 7, 2013

Excitement in the Air! [my thoughts entered here]

I think that as our wedding gets closer the emotions that surround me become more intense. I think I am starting to stress beyond my normal stress point, which is high, and on top of that the butterflies that invade my stomach have gotten so much more prevalent.
I really am SOOO excited, but it seems like the remaining To-Dos on my list won't ever get accomplished.

Our invitations are set supposed to go out next week but there are so many elements that I'm missing. I have to admit that I'm a perfectionist (surprise!) so every time I go over the invitation or something related to getting them out I find a flaw. I'm just itching to get these things outta heeerrreeee!

Most recently on my Instagram (@youngnasawife) I posted a sneak peak of some of my wedding crafting. I have been one of those brides that likes to keep things secret for fear of criticism. And even getting a pep talk from my best friends it still posed to be an issue. However, as these craaaaazzzy emotions start to take over I can't help but share. Now of course they won't be too much, in fact that was the first sneak peak and there probably won't be many more. A few here and there as we get closer, but for sure when I get photos back from the big day I will do a blog post with them.

The other interesting excitement factor has to do with my blog itself. My blog for over a year now has had the name A Young [ Soon-to-be] NASA Housewife....this is going to change. When I get married it will no longer be a soon-to-be will have been done. The name will change to A Young NASA Wife. It's all very exciting...I think that is why I'm currently rambling along in this blog post. (goes back to the emotions people)

I think I just wanted to let you all know that I am excited and I can't post it enough. I am so excited for my name change and to finally be a Mrs.
 I have been doing many hair trials and makeup trials out the door and can't seem to get everything right...the makeup is coming better and I picked out most of the colors and products that I will be using for the big day. Mostly of which are neutral because I'm not a crazy color makeup person as it is. I know this was requested, so after the wedding I will be sharing the products I used and how I felt they held up on the BIG day.

Well that seems to be the run out of my thoughts at the moment. Let me know if you are getting married and have a wave of emotions. Or if you already had your big day what did you do to get by the emotional traps? Even maybe just a big, life changing event. I'm sure the readers here would love to see some other stories (not just mine).

Love you all!

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