Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow! Another Valentine's Day has come! I still remember when I was young waking up to heart shaped candy boxes at our kitchen table seats, a Valentine's Day t-shirt draped over our chairs, and a loving card from Mom and Dad. I miss those days! But on to the better days when I get to celebrate it with the love of my life, fiance', and soon to be husband.

Joey and I celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday because he has to work late tonight. It all worked out well because honestly today is just a gloomy, gross day here in Florida. As a side note, whenever it is gloomy here in Florida is just looks that much more grey. Especially when we have had nothing but sunlight since we came back home in January.

Anyway, Joey and I celebrate Valentine's Day... but in our own way. We started the tradition of staying in last year as a way to avoid the hustle and bustle, the 2 hour restaurant wait times, and the having to make reservations to eat somewhere problems. So we decided to cook. And instead of cooking steaks or some fancy lobster dish we resorted to homemade pizza. We are both crazy about pizza and we thought making our own together would be a fun way to spend Valentine's Day.
WE WERE RIGHT! (surprise!)

Well just like last year we repeated the tradition. I had picked up three packages of pizza crust to make three different types of pizzas (we like some variety). So I made a pepperoni pizza, a buffalo chicken pizza, and then my favorite, onion pizza dippers (remind me to share the recipe sometime -DELICIOUS).

This Valentine's Day I also made a special treat for Joey and had a fun game waiting for him when he got home. I wrote several clues hidden around the condo all with rhyming poems that told why I love him and I hint to the next clue. I did a grand total of five clues that lead to some heart shaped cut-out cookies. He loved it! (mainly because he got cookies out of it). I also had made some heart shaped jello jiggles (seriously who makes those anymore?).
Needless to say I think it went well; even if he was a bit confused when I gave him the first clue.

I hope everyone has a GREAT Valentine's Day and remember that God's love is the greatest of all. The greatest gift He has given is His Son to die for you and me. What love that is!

Have a great weekend!