Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wedding 'SNEAK PEEK': Invitation Journey

Good Morning! What a nice weekend I had running around like a crazy person trying to get these invitations done, finished, off, and in the mail!
Honestly for some reason I did not think that doing our own invitations would take the time it did. Especially because we decided to keep it simple. 
How did I arrive at the conclusion that designing, creating, and making our own invitations was the right idea? Well... let me tell you! Awhile back, a few months after we got engaged and the hype of emotions about having a ring on my finger wore off, I finally got into the planning groove. I purchased numerous wedding books, magazines, and check lists.
Because I am a perfectionist, I decided that none of the check lists were detailed enough and I went ahead and made my own (post-wedding blog to come). Amongst that long list of to-dos were the Save-The-Dates. In case you are unsure of the reason behind save-the-dates I have easily explained it.
 They say that about 8 months prior to the date of your wedding you should send save-the-dates to let future invited guests know that they will eventually be a guest at your wedding on said date.
Well I looked around...and around...then around again; and after a search that could find Jimmy Hoffa I finally settled on our save-the-date.
I liked it-don't get me wrong, but it seriously took me awhile to find something that I even liked, that had my style embedded in it, and that I thought was good quality.
So with the save-the-date journey in mind I spent several months searching for the perfect invitation. I changed my mind every other day with the design and format that I wanted for my invites. It was starting to get frustrating to find what I liked, great quality, and for a decent price.
 I had done some looking at the average cost of invitations for a couple. One statistic I found was The Bridal Association of America estimates that couples on average spend $659 on wedding invitations and reply cards. This did not include postage. For me, every quote I got was over $1000 for my invitations and I'M NOT EVEN HAVING A BIG WEDDING!
Finally...I hit it.
The breaking point!
I officially had it with paper, stationary, designers, and research. I had right then decided I was making my own. I would have the size I wanted, the color, the design, quality, and the final packaged invite set up exactly how I WANTED IT! Sound bridezilla-ish?
Little did I know that the journey to make your own invitation would take 10x the effort then just purchasing it all done. So here are a few of the steps I took. I realize this is long so feel free to skip this craziness. (This is not a joke. This is an actual timeline of events):

Figure out size of invitation.
Figure out information card.
Figure out what to put on information card.
Figure out RSVP card size.
Figure out why there is an M on the RSVP card.
Get the right paper size for invitation on publisher.
Wait for Joey to figure out the right size for invitation on publisher.
Finally got the right size to start designing.
Figure out font for invitation.
Figure out there should be a different font for our names.
Test the wording of the invitation.
Change the wording on the invitation.
Change the wording on the invitation.
Correctly space the wording on the invitation.
Change the wording on the invitation.
Change the font on the invitation again...looks stupid.
Place the wedding monogram on the invitation.
Start the RSVP card.
Start the additional info card.
Change the font on both those cards because it doesn't match the invitation.
Go home for Christmas.
Show invitation, RSVP, and Info. card to sister Dei.
Watch Dei's face lie about how it looks ooookkkkayyyy.
Listen to the Graphic Designer (Dei) tell me what to change.
Come home to Florida.
Change entire invitation.
Change font on all pieces of invitation.
Yell at Joey for not helping.
Huge Joey for fixing my mistakes.
Finally get the design for invitation.
Finally get the design for additional info. card.
Finally get the design for the RSVP card.
Have Joey figure out how to put on all one sheet of paper.
Start to shop for paper.
Check one store.
Check another store.
Ten stores later finally pick out the paper.
Pick out paper for backing.
Price out the printing.
Go to print but the printer is down.
Go to another store to print.
Spend an hour making sure the invitation will print correctly.
Make sure everything is correct.
Print all our invitations.
Need to cut the all the pieces out.
Convince Joey to go and buy a cutter so we can do it at home.
Try to cut with cheap cutter we bought.
Not working.
Try again.
Mess up some invitations.
Joey goes to store to use big professional cutter like he wanted to do in first place.
Finally finished with the cutting.
Adhere the backs to the invitations.
Go to post office for RSVP card stamps.
Buy 46 cent stamps because they are out of post card ones (for like a month).
Put invitations together.
Realize we got the wrong sized envelopes.
Take envelopes back.
Stumble across perfect envelopes where we never thought we would.
Address Envelopes (Joey)
Stuff envelopes.
Stamp envelopes.
Mail envelopes.

Yessss...that really happened. Now that may seem a bit obsessive to write all of that out just now, but I really wanted to give you a taste of what we went through with these invitations.
That all aside...I LOVE THEM! I wouldn't change all that we went though (which is about normal) for anything. Joey and I both think the invites we designed, printed, cut, and put together turned out much better than we could have hoped. We hope all our guests will be just as thrilled when they get our invitation. We got the simple invitation we wanted with the right design, and put it together just like I envisioned. 
And...without further rambling...
I love how we did different colored envelopes :)
Ready to go!
 Being mailed :)

In a few days I will post a 'SNEAK PEEK' of the actual invitation on Instagram (@youngnasawife). I want to give the invites some time to get to our guests so they don't see their invitation before opening it.

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  1. Katrina, I enjoy so much reading about your adventures. To encourage you, I'm pretty sure my mom and I went through pretty much all those same steps with the invites and save the dates for my wedding. Looking forward to seeing them and all your other wedding details! You're in the final stretch!! Getting so excited to celebrate with you both in NY!