Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wedding Support and L.O.V.E

This is a contradictory blog post from my last one. I guess it goes to show the wave of emotions that can happen in one week while planning a wedding.

I have had more of a stressful week than I would have wanted regarding the wedding. I spent much of the beginning part of the week combing through more to-do lists and finding that after not working on wedding things for some time, my head was just not in the right place. It all sort of came crashing down in one big disheveled mess located on my kitchen counter. I think the panic really manifested itself yesterday when I looked at my count down application on my iPhone...


I firmly believe that this looming number that keeps spiraling downward was/is the cause of my panic and sleepless nights.
That being said, wow do I have some great friends! Not only my friends, but my family, Joey's friends that were once brides, and even sorority sisters that have done this before; they have really come through for me.

I have to say my bridesmaids have probably taken the brunt of my complaining or venting. They sit and watch their iPhone blow up text message after test message as I quibble over and over about how something just may not be working out.

And then a friend of Joey's who was married about a year ago offers up some great advice about relaxing and enjoying the day. While in my heart that is all I really want to do, it does take some people telling you to enjoy the roses to actually step back and enjoy the roses.

You see, I am a planner. I am an organizer (literally by profession). And... I am a worry wart. I tend to have an anxious disposition and a perfectionist attitude; and while it has ultimately served me very well in my education and success in life it, at times, becomes way too much and I start to stress.

So I am very grateful to everyone who has offered their support throughout my whirlwind of stress spells and their encouragement as we get closer to the day. No matter what the small problem or issue, it doesn't even compare to my immeasurable love for my future husband. Even if things were to crash and burn on my wedding day it would still be such a blessed day marrying him.

As a girl, I have dreamed of my wedding day for many, many years and I suppose that contributes to the pressure, but I couldn't have dreamed up a better man to share it with.

Sappiness aside...thank you all who have been so supportive! I can't wait to share this special day with you all.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wedding Panic!

It is starting to set in. Tomorrow will mark 1 more month to go and I'm freaking out!

I have been in a small wedding planning/crafting slump for a few months because I always thought I had time and that I would get it done.

Well it hit me today...while I was going over my lengthy to-do list...that I just have so much to do! Well I should say I feel like I have so much to do. Most of it just needs to come all together.

I have lists and Post Its all over my master wedding checklist...aggghhh I feel like I'm losing it.

We did receive some good news today that took much of the pressure off and made everything I'm feeling a bit more exciting so that is helpful :)

Gotta keep on getting this done!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Review: Seafood!

So this weekend Joey and I were able to treat ourselves to a really nice (and huge) seafood dinner at a local restaurant called Dixie Crossroads.

My mom had sent a gift card for Joey and I for Easter. I think she felt bad that I won't be able to partake in the Polish goodies that we traditionally do every year.

Anyway, we had a really yummy meal. I think my favorite part was their version of "free rolls" which were these fried dough balls with some corn kernels in them, then heavily sprinkled with powdered sugar. YUMMMMY!

When the waitress first explained them I though she was nuts, but it turned out to be something your can't stop eating. Plus when you bite down a small puff of powdered sugar puffs out. That makes them amazing and entertaining.

Joey and I each ordered fairly big meals.
Mine was HUGE! I ate about a quarter of it.
Included was 1 Maine Lobster, 1/2 Pound of Crab Legs, then tons of Scallops. Then on top of that there are two sides. I ordered a sweet potato and their soup of the day!

I was so full. You can sort of make out those fried corn balls toward the right hand side of the photo. Just to give you an idea.

Like I said, we had many left overs! It was such a treat.

If you ever come to the Titusville, Florida I say check it out. So yummy :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Doing Dishes.

Yes. Doing Dishes. Who would have thought I could possibly write a blog post about dishes.
Well for one, I had never been a huge fan of the chore; I mean why else were dishwashers invented? It is fairly simple. You put the dirty, used dishes in the vertical machine and watch (errr listen) while magic happens. After a short while you open up the dishwasher and there you have it, clean dishes to be put away.

I'm not a fan.

Yes, you read correctly. This machine made to make most woman's lives easier is just really not in my hat of tricks for cleaning dishes.
Sure, most of the time I do not look forward to the double sink full of endless to-do after a long-hard cooked meal. But for me there is something to doing those dishes. A since of accomplishment to cleaning the once dirty dishes that were used, scrapped, and reheated. And while I feel like I'm accomplishing something while doing them, it also gives me time to think. I get to turn on that facet and listen to a constant stream of warm water drown out other noises and distractions. It's a chance for me to reflect on the day ahead or even the day that passed so quickly. I plan new projects in my head, pick out outfits, fill in the blanks to my shopping list that somehow lost it's way out of the condo, and I think about the cliche dreams of the future.

Yes, it is a night like tonight that really makes me appreciate dishes. While I toss and turn in bed, helpless to fall asleep, the call of dishes that have been left in the sink loom in my head. So as I get up and start the dishes with only a small light on and the silent night at my back, I start to think. Thinking like I normally do about today's particularly bad day or the hopeful new day that comes tomorrow with a particularly long to-do list.

It has been a night like tonight, where my thoughts clouded my sleep, that I really thought the dishes were an escape. A chance to gather my thoughts and file them away for tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Organization Project in the Works?

I have been wanting for some time to attempt an organization project by the front entrance of my condo. And really by attempt I just mean actually figure out the plan of what I would like to do.

I don't have a huge front entrance. It really is a very small area and that is where I am struggling to get a plan on paper.

I have done some looking at different blogs and magazines; and I really enjoy those front entrances that have the cubes for shoes and hooks for hanging. But actually getting something to look ascetically pleasing to the eye takes some work.

So I have been doing my research and trying to find the designs I like and the colors that will look generally appealing when guests walk in. But most of all, it is the functionality that is important. I want to make it so the shoes don't just sit at the door. I want a cube to house them.

If you have any ideas or see any cute designs send me a picture on Instagram @youngNASAwife.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finding the Perfect Dress...[for rehearsal that is!]

I have been on the hunt. Literally. I daily scope out the stores online and when we do our shopping on the weekends I pop in and out of stores just hoping to find something.

This was definitely not the same experience I had with my wedding dress. I tried on a few here and there then once I tried on MY dress I fell in love. Every other dress after that did not compare. I had my wedding gown in one day.

Totally not the same for my quest in finding a nice rehearsal dinner dress! I guess introspectively there are several problems that I contribute:

1. Indecisiveness. Yep...anyone who knows me well knows I can't make up my mind when it comes to shopping for clothes (with the exception of my wedding dress apparently...figures). I can't decide on the color that I want, the style, design, designer, and lastly the formality. Well maybe I lied. I think that I want to go for more of a cocktail-like dress rather than a long one. But that being said that is about all I know I want. So my decision making process is definitely hindering whether I walk out of a store with a dress that I love.

2. Price. I have this inherent type of behavior when I shop. I tend to gravitate toward designer dresses which in turn spits out a price on a price tag that equals $$$$$! I don't mean to, but it just happens. I have an eye for more of the nicer fabrics and over priced quality. I can't help it. Well, I simply refuse to pay almost what my wedding gown cost for a rehearsal dinner dress. So right there I'm stuck. I need to find something that catches my eye (and looks good on me) that matches the price point I am willing to spend. Hence the challenge!
3. Fit. Let's be honest! Because we can all be real here. If you are female you know that finding a dress that fits is like finding your prefect man. It needs to complement you where you shine and hide the areas you don't. With all the beautiful unique women in the world there is no way designers can make a dress that fits them all. I hate trying on dresses. I feel like it is one fail after the other. So...while I still have some time to shop and explore the world of non-fitting attire, I will continue on my search to find something that I can decide on, has a good price point, and FITS!

I have tried many stores. Macy's, Dillard's, Belk, Nordstrum's, Free People, J-Crew, etc.
Any suggestions from you all? Instagram me a picture if you come across something @YoungNASAwife

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Talking Too Much?

So I realized something today as I was typing a response to someone who asked me a question. I tend to prattle on (Yes...when I typed prattle I said it in my head in a British accent). I mean I don't talk a whole lot in general; however, when I get on a subject that I'm passionate about I can go crazy! 
I think that in all reality I probably get to my point in the first seven minutes, seven typed lines, or seven thoughts. However, I think that I believe (weird wordage here) that if I keep driving home my points that it is going to make a difference. Or, I sometimes just forget something really important in the first seven minutes and then need to add it later, but to make sure you understand the full context of what I'm saying I'm often repeat myself.

Anyway, I know this is a random blog post but I realized this today. Is anyone else this way? 
I think I should have a podcast where I can just talk all day about the issues I find important to mitigate me subjecting Joey to some of my daily rants.

I also think that as we learn (which I pride myself on doing each day) we obtain new issues and views to discuss. I am starting an online class with a professor at Harvard and I can only imagine the amount of knowledge that I will find spilling out of my mouth as I try to process all this information. (Aggghhhh) I apologize to those who have to talk with me in advanced.

Okay...I'm over this topic and random rant. I promise I will have some fun post on Thursday!