Thursday, March 14, 2013

Doing Dishes.

Yes. Doing Dishes. Who would have thought I could possibly write a blog post about dishes.
Well for one, I had never been a huge fan of the chore; I mean why else were dishwashers invented? It is fairly simple. You put the dirty, used dishes in the vertical machine and watch (errr listen) while magic happens. After a short while you open up the dishwasher and there you have it, clean dishes to be put away.

I'm not a fan.

Yes, you read correctly. This machine made to make most woman's lives easier is just really not in my hat of tricks for cleaning dishes.
Sure, most of the time I do not look forward to the double sink full of endless to-do after a long-hard cooked meal. But for me there is something to doing those dishes. A since of accomplishment to cleaning the once dirty dishes that were used, scrapped, and reheated. And while I feel like I'm accomplishing something while doing them, it also gives me time to think. I get to turn on that facet and listen to a constant stream of warm water drown out other noises and distractions. It's a chance for me to reflect on the day ahead or even the day that passed so quickly. I plan new projects in my head, pick out outfits, fill in the blanks to my shopping list that somehow lost it's way out of the condo, and I think about the cliche dreams of the future.

Yes, it is a night like tonight that really makes me appreciate dishes. While I toss and turn in bed, helpless to fall asleep, the call of dishes that have been left in the sink loom in my head. So as I get up and start the dishes with only a small light on and the silent night at my back, I start to think. Thinking like I normally do about today's particularly bad day or the hopeful new day that comes tomorrow with a particularly long to-do list.

It has been a night like tonight, where my thoughts clouded my sleep, that I really thought the dishes were an escape. A chance to gather my thoughts and file them away for tomorrow.

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