Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finding the Perfect Dress...[for rehearsal that is!]

I have been on the hunt. Literally. I daily scope out the stores online and when we do our shopping on the weekends I pop in and out of stores just hoping to find something.

This was definitely not the same experience I had with my wedding dress. I tried on a few here and there then once I tried on MY dress I fell in love. Every other dress after that did not compare. I had my wedding gown in one day.

Totally not the same for my quest in finding a nice rehearsal dinner dress! I guess introspectively there are several problems that I contribute:

1. Indecisiveness. Yep...anyone who knows me well knows I can't make up my mind when it comes to shopping for clothes (with the exception of my wedding dress apparently...figures). I can't decide on the color that I want, the style, design, designer, and lastly the formality. Well maybe I lied. I think that I want to go for more of a cocktail-like dress rather than a long one. But that being said that is about all I know I want. So my decision making process is definitely hindering whether I walk out of a store with a dress that I love.

2. Price. I have this inherent type of behavior when I shop. I tend to gravitate toward designer dresses which in turn spits out a price on a price tag that equals $$$$$! I don't mean to, but it just happens. I have an eye for more of the nicer fabrics and over priced quality. I can't help it. Well, I simply refuse to pay almost what my wedding gown cost for a rehearsal dinner dress. So right there I'm stuck. I need to find something that catches my eye (and looks good on me) that matches the price point I am willing to spend. Hence the challenge!
3. Fit. Let's be honest! Because we can all be real here. If you are female you know that finding a dress that fits is like finding your prefect man. It needs to complement you where you shine and hide the areas you don't. With all the beautiful unique women in the world there is no way designers can make a dress that fits them all. I hate trying on dresses. I feel like it is one fail after the other. So...while I still have some time to shop and explore the world of non-fitting attire, I will continue on my search to find something that I can decide on, has a good price point, and FITS!

I have tried many stores. Macy's, Dillard's, Belk, Nordstrum's, Free People, J-Crew, etc.
Any suggestions from you all? Instagram me a picture if you come across something @YoungNASAwife

Have a great weekend!

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