Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Organization Project in the Works?

I have been wanting for some time to attempt an organization project by the front entrance of my condo. And really by attempt I just mean actually figure out the plan of what I would like to do.

I don't have a huge front entrance. It really is a very small area and that is where I am struggling to get a plan on paper.

I have done some looking at different blogs and magazines; and I really enjoy those front entrances that have the cubes for shoes and hooks for hanging. But actually getting something to look ascetically pleasing to the eye takes some work.

So I have been doing my research and trying to find the designs I like and the colors that will look generally appealing when guests walk in. But most of all, it is the functionality that is important. I want to make it so the shoes don't just sit at the door. I want a cube to house them.

If you have any ideas or see any cute designs send me a picture on Instagram @youngNASAwife.

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