Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Talking Too Much?

So I realized something today as I was typing a response to someone who asked me a question. I tend to prattle on (Yes...when I typed prattle I said it in my head in a British accent). I mean I don't talk a whole lot in general; however, when I get on a subject that I'm passionate about I can go crazy! 
I think that in all reality I probably get to my point in the first seven minutes, seven typed lines, or seven thoughts. However, I think that I believe (weird wordage here) that if I keep driving home my points that it is going to make a difference. Or, I sometimes just forget something really important in the first seven minutes and then need to add it later, but to make sure you understand the full context of what I'm saying I'm often repeat myself.

Anyway, I know this is a random blog post but I realized this today. Is anyone else this way? 
I think I should have a podcast where I can just talk all day about the issues I find important to mitigate me subjecting Joey to some of my daily rants.

I also think that as we learn (which I pride myself on doing each day) we obtain new issues and views to discuss. I am starting an online class with a professor at Harvard and I can only imagine the amount of knowledge that I will find spilling out of my mouth as I try to process all this information. (Aggghhhh) I apologize to those who have to talk with me in advanced.

Okay...I'm over this topic and random rant. I promise I will have some fun post on Thursday!

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