Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wedding Support and L.O.V.E

This is a contradictory blog post from my last one. I guess it goes to show the wave of emotions that can happen in one week while planning a wedding.

I have had more of a stressful week than I would have wanted regarding the wedding. I spent much of the beginning part of the week combing through more to-do lists and finding that after not working on wedding things for some time, my head was just not in the right place. It all sort of came crashing down in one big disheveled mess located on my kitchen counter. I think the panic really manifested itself yesterday when I looked at my count down application on my iPhone...


I firmly believe that this looming number that keeps spiraling downward was/is the cause of my panic and sleepless nights.
That being said, wow do I have some great friends! Not only my friends, but my family, Joey's friends that were once brides, and even sorority sisters that have done this before; they have really come through for me.

I have to say my bridesmaids have probably taken the brunt of my complaining or venting. They sit and watch their iPhone blow up text message after test message as I quibble over and over about how something just may not be working out.

And then a friend of Joey's who was married about a year ago offers up some great advice about relaxing and enjoying the day. While in my heart that is all I really want to do, it does take some people telling you to enjoy the roses to actually step back and enjoy the roses.

You see, I am a planner. I am an organizer (literally by profession). And... I am a worry wart. I tend to have an anxious disposition and a perfectionist attitude; and while it has ultimately served me very well in my education and success in life it, at times, becomes way too much and I start to stress.

So I am very grateful to everyone who has offered their support throughout my whirlwind of stress spells and their encouragement as we get closer to the day. No matter what the small problem or issue, it doesn't even compare to my immeasurable love for my future husband. Even if things were to crash and burn on my wedding day it would still be such a blessed day marrying him.

As a girl, I have dreamed of my wedding day for many, many years and I suppose that contributes to the pressure, but I couldn't have dreamed up a better man to share it with.

Sappiness aside...thank you all who have been so supportive! I can't wait to share this special day with you all.

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  1. We are all here for you, and can not wait until your big day! Thanks for letting me be a part of it.