Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Review: Seafood!

So this weekend Joey and I were able to treat ourselves to a really nice (and huge) seafood dinner at a local restaurant called Dixie Crossroads.

My mom had sent a gift card for Joey and I for Easter. I think she felt bad that I won't be able to partake in the Polish goodies that we traditionally do every year.

Anyway, we had a really yummy meal. I think my favorite part was their version of "free rolls" which were these fried dough balls with some corn kernels in them, then heavily sprinkled with powdered sugar. YUMMMMY!

When the waitress first explained them I though she was nuts, but it turned out to be something your can't stop eating. Plus when you bite down a small puff of powdered sugar puffs out. That makes them amazing and entertaining.

Joey and I each ordered fairly big meals.
Mine was HUGE! I ate about a quarter of it.
Included was 1 Maine Lobster, 1/2 Pound of Crab Legs, then tons of Scallops. Then on top of that there are two sides. I ordered a sweet potato and their soup of the day!

I was so full. You can sort of make out those fried corn balls toward the right hand side of the photo. Just to give you an idea.

Like I said, we had many left overs! It was such a treat.

If you ever come to the Titusville, Florida I say check it out. So yummy :)

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